DCPI Training

Evangelism USA partnered with DCPI – Dynamic Church Planting International in January 2010.  The partnership is for EVUSA to use DCPI materials and instructors in teaching church planting.  The partnership has proven to be very beneficial to both.

DCPI was founded in 1994 by Paul Becker and it is an international teaching organization.  It is not a denomination nor does it supervise churches.  To date, over 175,000 churches have been started by those who have received training.  For each person trained, within a five year window 2.7 churches have been started and each church has won over 49 people to Christ.  The vision of DCPI is to plant five million churches by the year 2050.

Each year the EVUSA team is teaching the four DCPI courses across America.  The courses are open to anyone who identifies with the DCPI vision and care values. “The most effective way and Biblical way to win the lost is to plant new churches.”

DCPI includes the following training courses.



Date Class Location Spanish Offered
January 21-23, 2016 NCD PacWest Conference
San Jose, CA
March 17-19, 2016 NCD Cornerstone Conference
Brown Summit, NC
April 7-9, 2016 NCD Heartland Conference
Oklahoma City, OK

Church Planting Essentials

Joys of the church planting family
Season of church planting

This course is not only crucial to the understanding of church planting, but it is highly effective in understanding basic pastoring and church revitalization. Pastors who have completed the course sing the praises of how important the course is to basic pastoring.

The course is very practical and life related. It is designed for each student to complete a Vision-Plan-Timeline for a church planting project. To work through the process is valuable in understanding church planting and planning, in general. The course is very foundational to the DCPI process but is not a prerequisite to the other four courses. They are:
Churches Planting Churches
Becoming a Mentor
Church Planting Movements
Growing a New Church

Every pastor should attend this course.

Churches Planting Churches

The IPHC is committed to Biblical Church Planting. The primary vehicle is through Mother Church Planting. The IPHC desires to plant daughter twin churches. During this course this process is presented. This is an amazing concept. It is a new one but it will work.

This course is not just theoretical or philosophical. The classes present a step by step process on how to plant a daughter church. This begins with prayer and ends with a successful daughter herself planting a new church. It is an amazing process. It is Biblical! This is how He builds His church. It is more than church addition, or even church multiplication. It is exponential.

Becoming a Mentor

The average pastor is a loner. This is especially true for the church planter. He has no one to encourage him, especially a peer. He is easily discouraged and loses vision quickly. The hope of this course is to change this.

Every church planter needs a mentor – someone who has gone where the church planter wants to go and is willing to help him get there. Such is the hope and prayer of this course.

The course is very practical. The correct theory is offered, yes; but even more so, the actual steps of the process are covered. The needs of an average church planting pastor are listed and discussed.

The environment that this class hopes to create is an awesome one. We are “better together”. A threefold cord is not easily broken – God, the mentor and the new pastor. The body can be much healthier and more productive if this environment can be established.

The goal of the IPHC is for every new church planter to have a mentor. So many more new souls can be discipled if this goal is reached. Pastors will be stronger and healthier. They can lead better. The Kingdom can and will prosper.

Church Planting Movement

One of the four tracks of training in the Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI) arsenal is the Church Planting Movement (CPM). A church planting movement is defined as “a rapid and multiplicative increase of indigenous churches planting churches within a given people group of population segment.”

The material is normally taught in a two day period though the material can be extended longer or broken up into a series of segments. Participants will be taught how to utilize certain Biblical principles to develop their own church planting movement. Thirteen Biblical principles will be identified primarily from Matthew, Acts, 1&2 Timothy, Titus and Philemon. Participants should begin to see which principles they are already practicing and also, which principle they are missing.

Special attention will be given to the leader and leaders of a church planting movement. Such topics as calling, characteristics, self-evaluation, vision, vision organization, timeline, etc. will be presented and discussed.

This is not only a motivational track but one of evaluation of one’s core and beliefs in church planting. A graduate should leave the class challenged and prepared to take the next step in leading church planters.

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