African American Ministries

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Expanding the Kingdom within the African-American community through the influence of IPHC Ministries by engaging, equipping and edifying African-American ministry leaders.

The primary focus is threefold: First, we will have African-American representation (reflecting demographic make-up) wherever there is an International Pentecostal Holiness Church presence. Second, we will determine the most effective method for addressing the needs of African-American communities through the perspective of ministries that currently serve them. Finally, we will determine how best to minister to these identified needs. 

Recognizing the diversity of American society and the tremendous opportunity for evangelism this represents, the International Pentecostal Holiness Church is committed to reaching, winning and discipling all ethnic groups within the U.S. We seek to overcome racial barriers wherever they are found.

In our goal to further the vision of the IPHC, EVUSA will encourage conferences to engage with independent African-American congregations and/or ministries. In this effort, we will assist conferences in establishing and adopting philosophy and/or programs or ministerial events that would be attractive to African-Americans.

We will promote racial diversity and acceptance through education and training. We will develop and promote programs and training for racial diversity between African-American congregations and the community. We will educate African-American ministries and ministry leaders on the International Pentecostal Holiness Church ministries currently available to them.

Quadrennium Goals: To reach 100 African-American churches across theIPHC here in America. This would be defined as churches that have an African-American pastor and a majority of African-American congregants.

It is the desire and intent of African-American Ministries to come alongside the local church and conference leadership to reach this part of our nation’s populace more effectively.

Rev. Stacy Hilliard

Director of African-American Ministries
(and Director of Church Multiplication)