Church Multiplication

To reinforce and implement the church planting thrust of the denomination, Evangelism USA (EVUSA) is engaged in placing church planters in major urban centers where there is no IPHC presence and in partnering with conferences to provide support for church planters. This support network includes financial help, training and cutting-edge materials.


Vision Statement:  Advancing the “Kingdom” and Multiplying Churches through the IPHC with emphasis on Mothering, Adopting and Planting Missional Churches. Our primary focus is three-fold, using what will be termed the M.A.P. model….Mothering/Adopting/Planting.  This will serve to encourage established Churches to daughter new congregations, promote Church adoption on the Conference level, and aggressively promote the planting of new Churches. A Church Multiplication movement is described as a rapid reproduction of churches planting churches, measured by a reproduction rate of 50% through the third generation of churches, with new churches having at least 50% new converts.  To this effect, Church Multiplication Ministries will be very intentional in encouraging established churches to plant daughter congregations. Given the number of independent ministries and congregations desiring a spiritual covering, we will promote the IPHC Church Affiliate philosophy by encouraging Conference Bishops and Conference Evangelism Directors to engage independent churches, ministries and congregations who are looking for covering and to explore the possibility of these churches and/or ministries uniting with the International Pentecostal Holiness Church.  Flexibility and innovation will be paramount in cultivating relationships and fellowship as we increase the Kingdom of God and expand the IPHC influence through this networking effort. We encourage Conferences to have church planting as a ministry focus.  In doing so, we will also challenge them to identify Church planters and partner with them in equipping the Church planter for success.  Church Multiplication Ministries will continue to offer the Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI) training to equip church planters for success. Church Planting Essentials (CPE), Churches Planting Churches (CPC) and Becoming a Mentor (BAM) will be the primary training tracks used in preparing Church Planters, Mother Churches and other ministry leaders for the church planting journey.  This training is designed to introduce participants to principles and practices that have been proven to greatly increase the success of Church Planting and Church Multiplication.

Multiplication is one of the determined goals of the IPHC and we are ready to assist you at the Local and Conference level to multiply.

Here’s a video update of our latest church plant in the River of Life Conference (Pennsylvania) from Church Planter, Andrew Laddusaw.