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Church Multiplication

To reinforce and implement the church planting thrust of the denomination, Evangelism USA (EVUSA) is engaged in placing church planters in major urban centers where there is no IPHC presence and in partnering with conferences to provide support for church planters. This support network includes financial help, training and cutting-edge materials.

Invading new areas of opportunity with the Gospel of Jesus Christ: that is our goal.

EVUSA believes the most important resource in any church planting project is the church planter and works in a “holistic” format to address his/her needs and those of his/her family as a part of the total church planting process. This holistic format also involves all of the IPHC Ministries in the church planting effort.

We seek to advance the Kingdom and multiply churches by emphasizing mothering, adopting and planting missional churches. As a reflection of our vision statement and in our endeavor to multiply churches, our primary focus is threefold. We will use what will be termed the M.A.P. model: Mothering, Adopting, Planting.

The M.A.P. to Success in Church Multiplication

This model will encourage established churches to “mother” new congregations, promote church adoption on the conference level and aggressively promote the planting of new churches. We will provide training to help the mother church provide oversight, guidance, nurturing and resourcing to the daughter church.

Given the number of existing independent ministries and congregations that desire a spiritual covering, we will promote the IPHC church affiliate model by encouraging conference bishops and Evangelism directors to engage with these ministries and congregations. Keeping flexibility and innovation paramount, our goal is to develop and cultivate relationship and fellowship through networking that would expand the IPHC influence.

We encourage conferences to have church planting as a ministry focus. In doing so, we also challenge them to identify church planters. We will partner with them in equipping the church planter for success.

Multiplication is one of the determined goals of the IPHC. EVUSA’s Church Multiplication Ministries is ready to assist you at the local and conference levels to multiply. Contact us, and let’s “M.A.P.” it out together!

The current Church Multiplication director (and director of African-American Ministries) is Rev. Stacy Hilliard.