New Life Church | Colorado Springs, CO | May 16-18, 2017


Pastors, directors, volunteers, and parents involved in:

  • Family Ministry
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Youth/Student Ministry
  • Executive Leadership

Basically anyone impassioned about making God known to the next generation.


Day 1: Tuesday

1:30pm – Registration Opens:
Well, Hello! Let’s have coffee together!

3:00pm – The Gathering Session #1:
Everlasting God with Glenn Packiam

5:00pm – Dinner
Onsite options available for purchase

7:00pm – Prayer Experience
A Centered Life

 Day 2: Wednesday

9:00am – The Gathering Session #2:
God Speaks with Michelle Anthony

10:45am – Break
Time for a break… because coffee.

11:00am – Breakout/Workshop #1

12:00am – Lunch
Onsite options available for purchase

1:30pm – Breakout/Workshop #2

2:30pm – Break
Take a break, you deserve it!

2:45pm – Breakout/Workshop #3

3:45pm – Break! Break! Break!
Be brave and meet someone new

4:00pm – The Gathering Session #3:
God Sustains with Megan Fate Marshman

5:45pm – Dinner and night on the town!

Day 3: Thursday

9:00am – The Gathering Session #4:
God Is Faithful with Brady Boyd

10:15am – Coffee Break!
Maybe don’t overdo it on the coffee, though.

10:30am – Breakout/Workshop #4

11:15am – Final break:
Make the most of it.

11:30am – Closing Experience
Storytelling and Blessing.

12:30pm – Lunch
Onsite options available for purchase

2:00pm – Breakout/Workshop #5