Pastors and Leaders:

Ask yourself: How often are your people consciously aware of God in their everyday lives? Where do they miss God the most?


I’m tired of feeling like a failure in my spiritual lifeI wish I knew how to study the Bible and pray

I long for a deeper relationship with God I don’t know how to include Jesus outside of Sunday

Our lives are radically changed by the transforming work of the Holy Spirit through Jesus, but that’s only the beginning... Discipleship is the next chapter on the journey. Are you ready?

Help your people extend their discipleship experience beyond Sunday mornings by embarking on a journey of becoming more like Jesus.


The Journey is an interactive discipleship resource designed to help people invite Jesus beyond Sundays and into their everyday lives. Participants will be challenged to grow together as they individually become more like Jesus. The Journey can be used effectively in any discipling relationship.

Click below to download lessons for each unit.




Who is The Journey for?

The Journey is for any size group! Small group, Sunday School class, Student Group, or family; The Journey could even be used as a one-on-one discipling tool.


How do I download The Journey?

Click here to download!


How many lessons are in The Journey?

The Journey has six units with eight lessons per unit.

What comes with The Journey?

Each lesson has a Leader's Guide and a Participant's Guide with the lesson text, discussion questions, and At-Home follow-up exercises.


 What age group is The Journey intended for?

The Journey is a versatile resource that can be used for any age group from teens to adults.


What tools do I need to have to use The Journey?

We recommend participants bring a notebook and their Bible or Bible app. You can print each lesson or view the lesson from your mobile device or tablet.