EVUSA is living in a world of great opportunity for spreading the gospel of Christ throughout the urban landscape of the United States… and we are experiencing the favor of God! With His favor, He has given a clear direction, and His timing is now.

In the Midst of God’s Favorable Circumstances

Yes, we will seek to increase the number of IPHC congregations in America. At the end of 2015 there were 1,700 full member IPHC congregations in America.With prayer and reflection, we have set these goals for the end of the next quadrennium, 2020.

  • 2,250 Total Churches
  • 700 Hispanic Churches (presently 400)
  • 100 African-American Churches (presently 35)
  • 100 Other non-Caucasian Churches (presently 50)
  • 250,000 Total Members

Let this be our prayer for this new day: “Lord, give us capacity equal to the opportunity!”

Policy Regarding the Creation of New USA Conferences

God’s Mission: The Mandate of the Church