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Helland Newsletter: June 2018

Work in Amsterdam’s Red Light District

Exciting things are happening with the people whom we serve in Amsterdam’s Red Light District!

One lady is starting her own business in housekeeping. I (Femke) am helping her with bookkeeping and marketing. We found a job in a hotel for another woman. It is exciting to help women find new work. Four other women are going to take a course in learning how to sew clothes!

Two mornings a week, I work in the office, helping these women as a social worker. On afternoons and evenings, Matt and I visit them where they work and, three times a week, small groups get together to eat, worship, and study the Bible.

We are so excited about this holistic approach to helping these women: we are seeing their practical, emotional, and spiritual needs met.

The testimonies are exciting: people who walk in depression, sadness, and hopelessness are now full of life and hope. We listen to them, encourage them, pray with them, and see how we can help meet their practical needs. The changes that we see, even in a few weeks at a time, are amazing! They start to believe in themselves, that there is hope, and that a good future is possible for them!

Would you continue to lift up these precious individuals in prayer? Over a thousand people are working in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, and we would love to see all of them set free, loved, and walking in their God-given destiny!

For Femke’s birthday, we shared cake and coffee with people working in the Red Light District.

Poncho hugging his former cellmate.

International Ministry

In June, Matt went to Nevada, California, and Mexicali, Mexico to do Schools of the Supernatural. Many healings, such as deaf ears being opened and broken bones being healed, took place. We saw many people activated to prophesy, receive words of knowledge, and heal the sick. We believe many lives were changed. One testimony that sticks out was when Matt took a team to the Red Light District of Mexicali. Before leaving, they had asked God to give them clues about people they were going to meet. One clue was a camouflage shirt.

When Poncho, one of the young Mexican evangelists, saw someone with a camouflage shirt, he ran to him and began talking to him. That man turned out to be his former cellmate in jail. That young man told Poncho he had been asking God to send someone to him for three days to help him and tell him about Jesus. As Poncho began praying for him, the young man fell into his arms in tears asking God to help him. People are waiting for us to come share God’s love and power.

Two days later, in Modesto, California, another team went to share the gospel on the streets. A man from the church in Modesto began to share the gospel with someone he then realized had been his former cellmate in jail. He prayed for him and gave him a big hug. The same story repeated itself in two different cities. Jesus has called us to set the captives free with his love and power.

The team that went with Matt to the Red Light District in Mexicali.

Matt with a bike of flowers to give away to people in the Red Light District

Family Corner

Judah has been working very hard in school for the last couple of months. He will be going to the 9th grade. He studies English, French, German, and will add Spanish next year. We love how kids in European schools learn so many languages!

Hannah will go to the 7th grade. She has gone to a wonderful elementary Christian school, and she has had some great friends, but she is excited about this next step!

Levi will go to the 4th grade next year. He loves music, sports, and animals!

Benjamin will go to 1st grade. He will definitely miss the play time. He is not too involved with academics yet. He loves to ride his bike, swim, and climb trees… a real boy!

We are so thankful for our children! Thank you for lifting them up before the Lord in prayer.

The Hellands in Holland

Matthew, Femke, Judah, Hannah, Levi, & Benjamin

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