Coffeehouse Ministries

Coffeehouse Ministries has over 25 years of experience helping establish ministry outlets overseas. Each coffeehouse helps create churches in major cities across the world including Paris, Berlin, Budapest, and many others!

The goal of Coffeehouse Ministries is to reach people through the marketplace and transform their lives in cities where it may be difficult or hostile for people to visit a church and grow to know God’s love. Thanks to Coffeehouse Ministries, more than 50 churches have been started and thousands of souls have been ministered to over the past three decades.

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Please pray for our established Coffeehouses:

Alabaster Jar Café, Germany

Bicol Coffeehouse, Philippines

Budapest Coffee Shop & Ministry Center, Hungary

CReA Coffeehouse & Cultural Center, Spain

Denizli Coffeehouse, Turkey

Galerie Café, Germany

Himalayan Innkeeper, Nepal

JavaNet Café Caracas, Venezuela

Kapistorya Café, Philippines

Le Phare Coffeehouse, Belgium

Lima Coffeehouse, Peru

Oradea Coffeehouse, Romania

Sintesis Coffeehouse & Cultural Center, Spain

Varna Coffeehouse, Bulgaria