Our mission through Coffee House Ministries is to serve as a bridge between the church and the community of non-believers. The connections in our coffee houses produce lasting relationships and share the hope we have in Christ, all through the act of giving someone a cup of coffee.

Each coffee house around the world is strategically placed, with the purpose of growing the national church and advancing the kingdom of God. As you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, please remember the outreach of Coffee House Ministries. Together, with your prayers and the work of the Holy Spirit, lives are being transformed through this ministry.

To the left is an update from one of our newest Coffee House ministries in Wales. Check it out and consider how you might partner with this ministry today!



Antwerp, the second largest city in Belgium, is considered the most secularized city in Northwest Europe and labeled the graveyard for church planters. The Café has three phases to reach this city: 1) Sunday church services – Christian Community, 2) Themed café events: live music nights, international food nights, ConnectGroups, 3) Full-time internet café with specialty coffee and pastries. Since opening in Spring 2019, many have already become followers of Jesus and been baptized.



Tel Aviv Coffee House opened in 2016 with a purpose to feed and give clothing to those who are homeless, drug addicts, and alcoholics. More than 1,000 people pass through the café every month. More than 300 people have been placed in the Buffer Zone, halfway houses that help drug addicts off the streets. Many participate in one of Living Israel’s drug rehabilitation centers, where God rebuilds their lives.


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Varnava CH



Varnava Coffee House was established in 2016. Their mission is to bring hope, support, and acceptance to broken destinies through the manifestation of God's love, image, and likeness and through the building of relationships. Varnava serves as a bridge between the world and the Church, an intermediate stage in which a person can feel needed and accepted. Their ministry opportunities include weekly small groups, street evangelism, feeding the hungry, men's and women's meetings, and weekly home groups.

For a recent update on the Varnava Coffee House, please visit https://iphc.org/missions/coffee-house-ministry-ukraine/



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