Coffeehouse Ministries

Coffeehouse Ministries has over 35 years of experience helping establish ministry outlets overseas. Each coffeehouse helps create churches in major cities across the world including Paris, Berlin, Budapest, and many others!

The goal of Coffeehouse Ministries is to reach people through the marketplace and transform their lives in cities where it may be difficult or hostile for people to visit a church and grow to know God’s love. Thanks to Coffeehouse Ministries, more than 50 churches have been started and thousands of souls have been ministered to over the past three decades.

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Please pray for our established Coffeehouses:

Budapest Coffee Shop & Ministry Center, Hungary

More information coming soon!

CReA, Spain

More information coming soon!

Denizli Coffeehouse, Turkey

More information coming soon!

Life Coffeehouse and Library, Philippines

More information coming soon.

Lima Coffeehouse, Peru

More information coming soon!

Oradea Coffeehouse, Romania

More information coming soon!

Sintesis Coffeehouse & Cultural Center, Spain

More information coming soon!

Tel Aviv Coffeehouse, Israel

This coffeehouse operates as a drug rehabilitation program. Located in the downtown drug district of Tel Aviv, Israel, addicts are making the personal decision to enter the program and receive the support they need, as well as a hot meal. Even more so, there are around five new salvations every week!

Michael Sadovsky, the drug rehab director, has a compelling testimony of how the Lord delivered him after 20 years on the streets. Since coming to Israel as a Russian Jew, he is passionate about seeing the lost set free and worship the Messiah. In the last 20 years, 30 thriving churches have been planted through this ministry.

Tel Aviv Coffeehouse needs your help. The lease is coming up for renewal, and they need $10,000 to keep this vital operation moving forward, feeding both the physical body and soul of all who come.

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Treffpunkt, Germany

More information coming soon!

Varna Coffeehouse, Bulgaria

More information coming soon!

Varnava Coffeehouse, Kiev, Ukraine

Varnava exists to be a beacon of hope and love. One who visits this coffeehouse can enjoy a free cup of coffee, build friendships, receive support, and hear the gospel message and personal testimonies. Care and counseling are available to those in need, along with assistance for single mothers. Additionally, Varnava’s mission is to engage the community with regular events, making known the love of God.

Varnava Coffeehouse is a place where people are transformed and commit their lives to serving God. It is a place where coffee leads to a new start.

They have secured a 2,000-square foot location in Kiev, Ukraine, and it needs significant remodeling to serve the purpose of Varnava. Varnava Coffeehouse needs $9,200 to purchase café furnishings, kitchen appliances and utensils, and technical equipment.

Will you partner with Varnava Coffee House?