IPHC Leadership Cast

Leadership Cast #11: Stephen Jones

In this episode of the Leadership Cast Garrett Magbee (IPHC Website Manager) talks with The Pastor of Student Ministries at Whitnel Pentecostal Holiness, Stephen Jones. Stephen has been involved in student ministry for a number of years and graduated from one of our IPHC schools, Emmanuel College. He shares his thoughts and knowledge about student ministry and the direction it is going as well as positive and negative aspects of student ministry of today.

Leadership Cast #10: Dr. Ron White

In this episode of the IPHC Leadership Cast Travis Rutland (Director of Communications at the IPHC) interviews Emmanuel College's new president Dr. Ron White. This interview took place on Emmanuel's campus the weekend of their annual Feast of In-gathering. President White talks about Emmanuel, his love of Christian higher education, and how important Christian higher education is.

Leadership Cast #9: Dr. Reggies Wenyika

In this months Leadership Cast we sit down with the new president of Southwestern Christian Dr Wenyika (18-edited)-2 University, Dr. Reggies Wenyika. President Wenyika has been working in higher education since 1993 and talks with Garrett Magbee (IPHC Website Manager / Communications) about his background, calling into higher education, and the benefits of Christian higher education.  Make sure you do not miss the great insights President Wenyika shares in this episode as well as his heart for higher education, SCU, and his Christian faith.

Leadership Cast #8: Bob Cave & Russell Board

August's Leadership Cast is a great interview with Continental Missions Directors Bob Cave (Europe) and Russell Board (Asia/Pacific). Each of these men have been working in missions internationally for a while and have become the directors of the missions work being done in their specific areas.  In this interview Garrett Magbee, IPHC Website Manager/Communications, talks with Bob and Russell about their experience in the missions field and what they have learned are some of the most effective ways to lead people of varying cultures to Christ. 

Leadership Cast #7: Tony Mercado

July’s Leadership Cast is a great interview with Pastor Tony Mercado. Pastor Mercado is the senior pastor for Vision Church International in West Palm Beach, Florida.  In this interview Travis Rutland, director of communications for the IPHC, talks with Pastor Mercado about the use of technology in the local church and how it can benefit the church in growth and outreach. 

Leadership Cast #6: Ferrell Hardison

The June Leadership Cast is a great interview with Pastor Ferrell Hardison from The Bridge Church in Goldsboro NC. Pastor Hardison preached his first sermon at the Bridge on father’s day in 1990. The congregation had 69 people when he became the senior pastor of the church. Now the church has more than 1700 attendees across two campuses.  In this interview Travis Rutland, director of communications for the IPHC, talks with Pastor Hardison about how to build volunteers in your church and what makes a volunteer base strong in the church. 

Leadership Cast #5: Josh Hannah

May’s Leadership Cast is a great interview with Pastor Josh Hannah. Pastor Hannah has pioneered the multi-site structure of a church by opening multiple sites for his church, Friendship World Outreach.  In this interview Travis Rutland, director of communications for the IPHC, talks with Pastor Hannah about how he started the multi-site structure for his church and what makes this type of growth effective. 

Leadership Cast #4: Dr. Terry Tramel

This April we have a very special Leadership Cast interview with Dr. Terry Tramel. Dr. Tramel began his ministry at the young age of 16 years old. In 1979 he became officially licensed as a minister with the IPHC and has been preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world. One of his hearts true passions and part of his calling has been as a teacher in higher education. Currently Dr. Tramel is the Bible and Theology professor at Southwestern Christian University.

In this episode of the Leadership Cast Dr. Tramel will be discussing what the resurrection of Jesus Christ means to him personally. He discusses the reality of the cross and the choice every person has to make about that reality. Impacting many peoples lives over the years, the knowledge and experience Dr. Tramel has is a priceless resource for anyone in their ministry and in their own relationship with Jesus. You don't want to miss this great podcast!

Leadership Cast #3: Marivel Reyes

This month we have a unique Leadership Cast episode with Marivel Reyes the senior pastor of Iglesia El Shaddai in Austin, Texas. She has been pastoring this church since 1996 and has a passion for reaching the Hispanic community with the gospel of Jesus. Two of her main focuses in her ministry are to create disciples and plant churches. In this episode Pastor Reyes will be talking about church growth and the different aspects of successful church plants. She will be giving this talk in Spanish which we hope will allow this episode of the Leadership Cast to be a great resource for the bi-lingual and Spanish speaking communities.