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IPHC Churches Flood in Myanmar and Bangladesh



Heavy monsoon rains and cyclones have caused severe flooding and landslides in both Myanmar and Bangladesh. Our church family in both areas have been affected with many homes damaged and church buildings in need of repair and rebuilding.

“One of our pastors working in South Bangladesh (Khulna District) called and informed that all of their area is flooded and several villages where our church members are living are submerged with water. Many houses have been damaged and swept away along the flood water. The house where our church members are gathering for worship is also collapsed totally. People have been evacuated to higher places …During this time of disaster our pastors and church members and their families need our prayers, moral support and financial help. We also need to build the church which is collapsed.” Rev. D. Vijay R.K. Balla, IPHC South Asia Coordinator.

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Photo Credit: Bangladesh Pastor


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