Feeding Programs

Feed the Hungry seeks to improve the nutritional health in a community through feeding programs. This project enables overseas IPHC churches and missionaries to develop relationships while meeting the physical need of thousands of men, women, and children on a weekly basis. Feed the hungry programs often establish churches, making a long-term impact in the community both physically and spiritually.

Feed the Hungry Banks

People to People and IPHC Kid Min Ministries have partnered together to offer an opportunity for children to be involved in world missions.  Feed the Hungry Banks and candy tube labels are provided for children’s ministries to encourage a child to give and help feed other children around the world on a weekly basis.

“My name is Bou Puthida. I am from Cambodia. I was born into a poor family. My parents did not take care of us. My mother would get very angry and beat me and my siblings. To add to our pain, we didn’t even have enough food to eat. We would go to People to People’s Feeding Program at the church every week to get food to survive. Through this church, I became a Christian and my life has changed.”

Bou Puthida is now an Assistant Teacher of the HOPE International School.