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Johnson Newsletter: February 2018

Johnsons to Haiti

Hey y’all!

As many of you already know, the Johnsons are back in Haiti.

Our first term, beginning in 2012, started out busy with us immediately hosting teams. After our recent furlough, we arrived back in Haiti August 15, 2017. This time, although we did not jump right back into hosting teams, we have found ourselves to be quite busy.


1. Roger and Bishop Joseph Armanno Abraham attended weddings and a baptismal service in Les Roches.

2. Later in the month, Roger and I both attended the thirty-year anniversary celebration of the PH Church of Boyer in Mirbalais, Haiti.

Boss Manno preaching at Boyer

Les Roches wedding


1. Roger worked hard on making the generator room outside the mission apartment more secure and replaced the inverter and batteries that were stolen prior to our return.

2. In Cabaret, Roger continued work on the medical clinic remodels that began this past summer by the FUEL team. He was able to complete the electrical system and put in the doors.


Roger working


1. Our Regional Directors, Darrel and Bonnie Clowers, paid us and the Cabaret church a visit. They were able to see the remodeled church and the progress of the clinic.

2. We purchased Bibles with the funds raised during our furlough and gave them to every child from grade 6 and up at the Bon Repos school on the mission compound!

Pastor Oslin Dervil handing out Bibles


1. The church in Bon Repos held an outdoor crusade on the campus. The Spirit of the Lord was present and all of the community heard the gospel.

2. The updates for the People to People program were completed for Haiti’s five sponsored locations. (Roger was battling Malaria during this. Thank y’all for your prayers!)

Les Roches school

Outdoor Crusade


1. We attended another wedding in Los Cahobas where three couples were united in Holy Matrimony.

2. We held an after-Christmas party for the children at our school in Saint Marc, where we spoke on the Gift of Jesus that God has given us and how we, because of our love for Him, give Him the gift of obedience to His Word. There was food and fun, and all children were given gifts. Many thanks to Wilbert Antoine from Miami, FL and her parents for all the help they provided.

Ginger and Will Antoine

Las Cahobas wedding

Please be in prayer for our Haitian Conference. There will be a pastor’s conference meeting in Bon Repos, March 27, 28, and 29th. Bishop Abraham will be introducing the new board members of the IPHC of Haiti.

Also, be in prayer for the bus that has been given to the Haitian conference. It is still in Georgia, and we are praying for the necessary funds for shipping. We are also praying for a smooth customs process in Haiti.

Thanks to everyone who has prayed, encouraged, and given. God intends for us to work together; some in sending, others in going. Y’all are awesome for sending!



Photo Credits: The Johnsons; Will Antoine

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