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Meyer Newsletter: April 2017

by Althea Meyer

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Greetings from Malawi, Central Africa – the warm heart of Africa!

Malawi’s current status is the poorest country in the world, with the lowest level of education. Thank you so much for sowing seeds into the Malawi mission field by sending me and supporting ministries and programs to serve people and build God’s Kingdom in Malawi.

At the Guthrie Bible Training Centre, where I serve as the Assistant Director and coordinate training sessions, we have been able to offer a one-year certificate course in Biblical Studies since 2000. This helps to equip our ministry workers with the Word of God. Thank you for supporting Guthrie Bible Training Centre. Come and teach for a week or two during the first weeks of June or October. Pray as we develop the Diploma Course to be presented this August with directorship from Rev. Kevin Sneed.

Thank God with me for the People To People (PTP) program helping to support our pastors. Sending child support allows our pastors to educate their children. This is so helpful to build the church in Malawi and raise the standard of the future generation of leadership.

PTP Director, Matt Bennett, and his son visited Malawi recently to work on ways to improve the economy and empower people in micro businesses. The plan is in place to pour into four conferences by investing in two businesses per group: Women’s Ministry, Youth Ministry and Guthrie Bible Training Centre. By investing $500 each, successful businesses will be boosted, with a goal of doubling their profits in a year. This will help the economy of the country and build up available funds for family and ministry development.

As a child evangelist and an instructor of child evangelism, with God’s grace at work, I raised a team of teachers training with me, as many children’s workers as possible in Malawi to reach kids with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and evangelize them through discipleship programs.

Currently, we are in the process of developing the Sunday School curriculum for kids under 14 years of age. Every August 1st–5th we present an annual children’s workers training session, and during December 15th–20th, we present children’s ministry leadership training to develop children’s ministries in the local churches. Pray with us for the youth leadership training development.

A medical team coordinated by Cheryl Turner made a commitment to visit Malawi for three years to support church plants in villages in different areas. During 2016, the team came to Central Malawi and reached out to a village who invited four more villages to benefit from the benefits of medical care.

The pastor from the new church plant is supported by the medical team to complete training at Guthrie Bible Training Centre. This year, the medical team will be in Malawi May 5th – 15th. Contact Cheryl Turner (by emailing should you have a desire to join this team to help Malawi through medical missions.

The Advance Pastoral Training Program in Malawi has been a program to develop our church leaders toward a diploma in ministry. Thank God with me for the director, Rev. Joe Delport, who supports this program’s development and who now appointed the National Director for the program in Malawi, Rev. Charity Mkamanga, and administrative assistant, Rev. Chimwemwe Kaduya.

While working this program in Malawi the past years, it blessed me to see 22 students graduate and complete the five cycles with 15 subjects to equip them for effective ministry work.

As we build up people together while  supporting each other to build God’s Kingdom, God is at work as ministry workers are deployed to serve the  Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is saving lost souls! May our partnership in ministry grow stronger each day. He will return quickly and find us at work together!

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