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Mininger Newsletter: February 2017

by Larry & Deborah Mininger

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Conditions In Ukraine
Most of our time and resources were carefully invested in Ukraine, Estonia, Finland and Sweden this year. One of our flagship church plants of 1991 in Ukraine has endured a crisis year for three reasons: the RU and UA war in the east, the financial crash of their currency, and an overwhelming influx of refugees.  Deborah and I were assisted by Greg Terry to help them work through these overwhelming problems. The three of us made numerous trips to Xmelnitsky and countless Skype calls to assist their elders in each of the matters mentioned.

The refugee problem is ongoing. Families and orphans have recently been discovered living in buildings with dirt floors, with inadequate winter clothing and food. We are assisting Pastor Rostyslav in addressing these humanitarian issues with vision and resourcing. We are seeking aid from our church contacts in Estonia and Finland. Pastor Rostyslav is demonstrating diligence and great compassion for these people. New ministries are being birthed in various cities and new churches are being planted in the region. The new women’s rehab center is in the final stages of completion, and we will dedicate it soon.

God Is Visiting Scandinavia
The Holy Spirit led my wife and I to search out and locate several spiritual “hot spots” in Finland and Sweden. One Finnish pastor is making connections with our IPHC church in Greenville, PA. After visiting the Bethel Life PA church and meeting Pastor Kent Bell, a good relationship and church model is being formed in the hearts of these Finnish leaders. Pastor Johanna is actively planting three churches in Finland. In Riihimäki, Pastor Kingsley and Anni are standing in the gap for Pastor Lena who recently was hospitalized during the Christmas season. We are doing everything in our skill set to help these precious firebrands to succeed in their monumental tasks.

Deborah and I conducted our 40-hour School of Ministry associated with Advantage College in two Finnish cities. We graduated 51 church leaders with a Diploma of Ministry. Once confidence in our ministry was established, we followed up with a DCPI in Jyväskylä, Finland. Pastor Johanna first located a professional means of translating the CPE material into Finnish. We graduated 16 potential church planters and certified 13 trainers. A team of 12 trained leaders was assembled to plant another two churches in the cities of Mikkeli and Pieksamäki. God has given us great favor in Finland and Sweden at this time. For us, Finland is beginning to remind these missionaries of the early ’90s where we were able to plant churches in RU and UA at nearly every turn. The season is right to request earnest prayer and intercession for divine appointments in Scandinavia. There is no limit to our productivity if we can be led by the Spirit in Scandinavia and possess funds to continue our work.

Thank You Partners, Friends and Churches
Larry and Deborah want to say thank you for your faithfulness to our mission in 2016. You have carried us in your heart and frequently brought us to the Throne Of Grace. You have repeatedly given of your resources sacrificially. Who could ask for more?
It can truthfully be said that you have become missionaries with us! Hopefully, your response of faith has earned you clarity concerning your calling and appointment. It has been made sure and you shall never fall  (2 Peter 1:10). You have cared for us like your own! Our ministry prayer captain, Teresa Schroader, states it so clearly: “You Give to missions by Going and you Go to missions by Giving!”

Thank you for your ministry. May God’s miraculous provision and favor always reside at your house in 2017!

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