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Pérez Newsletter: March 2017

by Judith and Rubén Pérez

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Concerning the country of México, probably the most frequent news you are receiving through the media is focused on “the wall”! We won’t go there in this newsletter, for obvious reasons. I would, however, like to tell you about some exciting events in the East México Conference.

Recently, 67 ministers and key church leaders convened on Emmanuel’s campus for a week of classes (CURSUM). The invited speakers were: Rev. Joaquín Quesada, Rev. Melvin Rojas from Costa Rica, and the Director of this in-service training for ministers, Rev. Martin Guerra of Mexicali, Mx. The majority of those who attended this event are graduates of Emmanuel, so aside from the challenging classes, this was a time of recalling their days as students on campus. (Note: Emmanuel only has bed capacity for 40 people, but lots of space in the dormitories, so many slept on mattresses on the floor!)

When Emmanuel  celebrated its 50th year, it was as if the Lord said “turn the page” and we began to challenge the District Bishops of this Conference to open an Extension School in their area. Now that Emmanuel has just celebrated its 55th year, we are happy to report that we have eight Extension Schools in six states of México. In this system, there are classes on Saturdays so that those who work are able to attend. In the majority of these centers, the teachers are ministers who have graduated from Emmanuel. (Note: Pictures speak louder than words, so included are scenes from some of the classes.)

We have an upcoming trip to Tamazunchale in the state of San Luis Potosí, with a group from Abundant Life in Durant, Oklahoma; this is the 22nd consecutive year that this missions-minded church has visited! This time there will be a great celebration of the dedication of a church which they provided through their offerings. What an inspiration! In that area, construction materials are more costly than in the city of Monterrey due to the challenging delivery into this village, high up in the mountains. God bless their group leader, Roger McCoy; Pastor Chuck Barrineau; and the group of brave young people who joyfully share their Spring Break ministering in México.

Rubén would like to thank each of you for your prayers. He is successfully receiving hemodialysis three times a week. We are participating in a new challenge through these trips to the clinic: ministry to other patients and relatives we meet there.
“In order to realize the worth of the anchor we need to feel the stress of the storm” (Corrie Ten Boom). In the month of February this storm appeared again in the form of cancer. But the anchor of my life took control and in one week I was back to normal activities.

With love and much gratitude to you faithful prayer warriors and generous givers to God’s work in México,

Photo Credits: Judith Perez

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