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Attitudes for Pastors Promoting the Global Outreach Offering

by Dr. Terry Tramel

11 Attitudes for Pastors to Avoid

1. If you do not give your people an opportunity to give to this cause then you have a “NO” Offering.

2. If you give almost no promotional time for this offering, then you will likely have a “LOW” Offering

3. If you are negligent in promoting, receiving, and sending in the funds you will have a “SLOW” Offering.

4. If you keep forgetting to promote and receive the offering until the end you will have an “UH-OH” Offering.

5. If you give a half-hearted emphasis in promoting, it will produce a half-hearted response of a “SO-SO” Offering.

6. If your church’s global outreach offering is up one year and down the next, you’ll have a “YO-YO” Offering.

7. If you threaten your church members with judgment if they don’t give you will have a “WOE” Offering.

8. If you only receive this offering out of loyalty to the denomination, then you will have an “OWE” Offering.

9. If you only mention money and never ministry when receiving these funds you’ll have a “DOUGH” Offering.

10. If your members only give for the applause and accolades of each other, then you have a “SHOW” Offering.

11. If your motive is to have a larger offering to merit recognition by leaders, then you have a “CROW” Offering.


On the other hand…

7 Attitudes for Pastors to Embrace

1. If you truly view the offering as a joint effort between the Lord, the senders, and the sent ones, then you have a “CO” Offering.

2. If you know where the offering is going, how to promote it over time, and set a reasonable and reachable goal, then you have a “KNOW” Offering.

3. If you believe and teach your people that they will receive back far more than they give, then you will have a “SOW” Offering.

4. If you convey to your people that it is God who stirs their hearts to give, which offering in turn is given to World Missions Ministries, who then disburses the funds to multiple people and projects around the world, then you have a “FLOW” Offering.

5. If you frequently shine the Gospel light on the lost world and repeatedly point out that the Church is at its brightest when it is giving to repel the darkness, then you will have a “GLOW” Offering.

6. If you are always leading your people to grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord, that increase will carry over into their giving and you will have a “GROW” Offering.

7. If you have Jesus’ last words “Go ye into all the world…” echoing in your heart, you will do everything you can to fulfill His commission to us and you will lead your people to give generously in the “GO” Offering.


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    We as people of IPHC Liberia are very happy in the Lord daily as we continue praying for the Holy Spirit to lead the family of IPHC around the World for the great General Conference of the IPHC . May God bless and guide every one attending this Historical Event.
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