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Althea Meyer Newsletter: July 2017

by Althea Meyer

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Thank God with us for these women who managed graduation after faithfully attending three terms of bible school. Ten women were given the opportunity and these students made it through with sponsorship from the NC Conference. THANK YOU!

In Malawi, women are hard workers; they learn to work hard from childhood and 60% of women in Malawi cannot read or write. There is very little opportunity for young girls to go to school and very few who complete high school. To strengthen families and the church, we need to strengthen the women in Malawi by supporting female students to attend Bible School. This coming term, ten women are lined up to attend. Write me an email message if your heart is open to adopt a student this year. Let us raise a mighty army of women ready to reach the unreached women and teach them the word of God. This is the best strategy to reach the unreached and teach them!

URGENT REMINDER: Malawi is currently rated as the poorest country in the world and the lowest in education development.

How can we make a difference and bring a change in the nation now? Let’s look at three opportunities…

1. Support the development of students at Guthrie Bible Training Centre in Blantyre, Malawi

Certificate Course: We are targeting the education program for women! If an investment is made in a women’s education, she will educate a whole family and impact a community and a nation! Work with us on this as we are targeting ten women to be at bible school every term to take the Certificate Course in Biblical Studies. This will ground them and their families in God’s Word. It will give the women opportunities for leadership in the local church and develop them as teachers.

Diploma Course: We are planning to offer a Diploma Course hopefully this year in August in collaboration with the East Africa Bible College Diploma Program. Thank God with us for Kevin Sneed and his team of teachers who are willing to travel to Malawi and help kick off this course. Since the year 2000, students graduated from Guthrie Bible Training Centre with a Certificate in Biblical Studies. These students are waiting eagerly to be a part of the Diploma Program. Pray as this program develops and planning falls in place with all the resources needed to function effectively.
For the past 17 years Guthrie Bible Training Centre stayed open with the support of a handful of faithful people and churches who I thank God for. This support base needs to increase for GBTC to present these courses and host other training sessions for Pastors, Women’s Ministry, Youth Ministry and Children’s Ministry to raise the leaders the church needs to function effectively and impact the community and nation. Let me know if you want to partner as a monthly supporter of GBTC.

2. Give your skills and time; invest in helping develop Evangelism Centre

The church at Guthrie Bible Training Centre, Chirimba PHC, is functional and uses the school chapel for worship. This church is reaching into the community and is also active in working with the students in all the training sessions to reach out into the unreached areas through hospital ministry, market outreaches, kids’ clubs and crusades. This church planted a church  called Chikonde PHC (Chikonde means “Love”) in a village area with many kids needing help with clothing, education and physical care. As part of the church building in the village an EVANGELISM CENTRE can be built – two classrooms, a storeroom and an office to embrace the kids, youth, women and men during the week and in Sunday School classes to focus on development activities to meet their needs. Should you want to bring a ministry team to Malawi to help with this village, let me know! It would be a great opportunity to serve the least while working alongside the Southern Conference, Evangelism Team. Haley Jones came to Malawi and invested her resources and time to teach a group of kids in this village and help them understand the Gospel.

3. Invest in building resources in Malawi

To develop resources in Malawi through our leaders and members, we have just started to focus on developing micro-businesses among the people who are already demonstrating success in business. Individuals produce a report of profit in one year, then we are helping them with an investment in order to double their profits and use their investment to invest in another person’s successful business to double their profit and to see that the  profits can sustain their family, church and some programs in the church or community. The People to People Ministries Director, Matt Bennett, is helping Malawi with this. Should you want to “invest” in Malawi, call Matt at the People to People office.


Seed being sowed in God’s Kingdom should reap lost souls and bring fruit. The church sends missionaries to reach these souls, and it is crucial that we all are involved. Thank you for supporting and giving to programs and projects and helping save, disciple and empower His people!

As we serve as Jesus did, being His vessel today, His Glory will shine! So plan with me to arise and shine in the darkness for His Kingdom to be established among His people!

Declare with me His Glory to fill Malawi as we partner together! So grateful to be serving and for you sending me!

Photo Credits: Althea Meyer

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