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Darrel & Bonnie Clowers Newsletter

by Darrel & Bonnie Clowers

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We hope that this newsletter finds you blessed and content. God is advancing in the Caribbean and He has given all of us together the privilege of serving.

As time passes, God sharpens our desires and focus to advance his Kingdom.  Since our last newsletter, we have been in Guyana, Trinidad, Jamaica, Belize, Cuba and the Dominican Republic (where we live).  We hope to be in our beloved Haiti soon. The grace that God is pouring out on the churches is a beautiful thing.

The one thing that we see in common throughout the Caribbean is that His people are maturing; they are shifting from seeing themselves as a missionary project to missionaries. God is awakening His faith and purpose in the hearts and lives in the Caribbean. Right now, it is a crucial time of leadership. Pray for the leadership here that we would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. We believe the Word of God and that God fulfills every promise. We see a shift coming from just waiting on the promise, to possessing the promise.

What this means is that God has been cleansing His church so that we can walk worthily of His anointing and power. We need your prayers as we advance the in the Caribbean.

Pastor Alexander Frias is a young pastor from Santo Domingo. God challenged him to quit his job as a driver to serve full-time in ministry. Since he made that commitment, God has used him in the Dominican Republic, California, and Panama.

The Cabrera Family, missionaries from Cuba, serve in Angola, Africa. God has used them to plant a vibrant church.  They are advancing the Kingdom of God in Angola.  God is sending out His people from all nations to all nations.  It is a work of grace.

Favor, Favor, and more Favor in Cuba

We had the privilege of holding a public children’s program in a park in Cuba. As you can see by the photo, we had children of all ages enjoying the lessons, games, and songs. This was a first for us in Cuba. Thank you, Compassion Church, for ministering.

Another historical first was that we enjoyed a retreat with 48 pastoral couples.  At the end of the retreat, they renewed their marriage vows and ended with communion. It was beautifully teary because most had never had a religious ceremony. Thank you to Dr. and Mrs. Dalton and Dan and Brenda Clowers for ministering so effectively.

Look at this adorable princess! This is Dijonae and she attends Penrith Educational Centre in Kingston Jamaica, a school sponsored by People to People Ministries. She has valiantly completed many surgeries in her life already, and faces more still. She is a new People to People child. Thank you, Hickory Grove Church, for the new shoes that fit her brace. Thank you for loving these children.

Prayer and Help

Haiti- Missionaries Roger and Ginger Johnson to raise the needed support to return to Haiti. Bishop Abraham needs a healing touch.
Guyana- Funds for a pastors retreat in August- $2,500 is needed (#66041M).
Cuba- $2500 is needed for a women’s conference in September (#66041M).
Dominican Republic- $20,000 is needed to pour the roof of the dormitory at the Campgrounds (#67002P). Pastor Andre Sanchez’s wife, Juanita, needs healing and assistance in fighting cancer.
Clowers Ministry- Urgent ministry finances (#66041M).

Family News

Our family is growing and we enjoy and treasure our children, grandchildren, and great-granddaughter. Cayton is the newest addition to our family. We love being her great-grandparents! As you can see, she is adorable.
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Photo Credits: Darrel Clowers

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