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I would venture to say that in the home of many of you I could find a door post that has been used to mark the growth of your children. This was a practice for many us as the family grew we wanted to mark it. Some door posts look like giant rulers. I’m glad we don’t keep track horizontally of our growth, I’m afraid I would have many marks on my wall. Looking at the marks probably also brought back memories of your child’s life, some good and some not so good. Regardless of the circumstances of life your child kept growing and you have the marks as a record of their growth to look back on. In LAMCAR, we also keep track of our growth and I can go back to a particular year and tell you where a country was with their membership and church count. The years of great growth and the years of not so great growth are noted. Just recently I received several reports of great growth from some of our leaders. In spite of political difficulties and in some of the most difficult situations in some countries God is still giving increase. Two countries I want to share about are Venezuela and Argentina.


All you have to do is turn on the news and you will probably hear something about the atrocities taking place in Venezuela. In spite of the fact that they are suffering some of the worse poverty in their history and protests almost every day, the church continues to thrive. National leader, Apostle Hernando Brochero recently shared, “As of 2015 to the present the national church has had a great growth. The spiritual atmosphere has given us a supernatural push with great results that have provoked growth, and advances in God’s Kingdom. We are living in a great spiritual time.” He share that 2016 was a year of reinforcing relations and that the churches are stronger and continue to grow.

In his own words, “A great spiritual time!” the words of a leader who in spite of the political atmosphere he and our church families choose to walk in the Spiritual atmosphere. He shares that they are planting 30 new churches right now. The door post is marked at 20,000 members but get ready for the growth spurt as they mark the door post and walk out what God is doing.


I cant help but get excited for what God is doing in Argentina. Another country that has gone up and down with their economy and political problems. Regardless of this God is blessing our churches in this time. Superintendent Enrique Coronel reports that the Argentina General Conference, recently held this year, had one of the largest attendants ever. They are rejoicing for the growth over the last quadrennial. They are marking the door post at 23,400 members. Praise the Lord for this great growth.

I could go on and on sharing what God is doing in other countries like Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico and in the Dominican Republic but due to time and space I’ll just say THANK YOU LORD. Let me also say thank you for your support and prayer for these ministries it’s your support that is like a seed planted.

“I have planted, Apolos watered; but God gave the increase.” 1 Corinthians 3:6


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