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Bamba Newsletter: May 2018

Greetings from Japan!

We are excited about the things God is doing in Japan and are privileged to have you working with us through your continued prayers and support.

In February, Justin and Hiro had the opportunity to go on a medical missions trip to India. The trip was taken with an international team, with members from America, the Philippines, and Japan. We were delighted to involve our Japanese church. The church donated hundreds of reading glasses to give out at the clinics. When we told our Sunday School children that Hiro and Justin would be going to India to tell the children there about Jesus, they wanted to help too. They made many origami birds and stars, as well as donated origami paper to give the Indian children at the clinics. The Indian children were thrilled to receive the gifts from the Japanese children. Pray with us that God will continue to move in the hearts of our Japanese church members to have a heart for reaching the nations.

We held several Easter outreaches this year. Easter has recently been emerging in Japan, but only as a commercial catalyst for stores to sell more product. Many of the Japanese have no idea what Easter is. We are excited for the opportunity to share the true reason we celebrate Easter. We held an Easter workshop for ladies to come and make a special Easter craft and hear the Easter message followed by a potluck. We also had an Easter service and egg hunt for the kids in Sunday School. Everyone had a great time and was able to hear the message of the love, life, and forgiveness that the cross and resurrection bring.

Olivia just finished her ballet recital. She is always smiling whether on stage or off. Her fellow dancers, as well as the guests, always comment on the joy her smile exuberates. None of her friends
have ever met another Christian before and have no idea what Christianity is. Through her smile, however, Olivia has been able to share the joy she has in Christ with her friends and their families. Hiro’s parents also came up from Kyoto, 300 miles west of where we live, to see Olivia’s recital. We were happy to have another opportunity to share God’s love with them through our interactions while they were here. Please continue to pray for Olivia’s friends as well as Hiro’s parents that they will come to know the love of Christ in a personal way.

While Hiro’s parents were here, Hunter had a swim competition that they were also able to watch. None of Hunter’s friends have ever met another Christian or heard of Jesus either. Hunter used the Easter holiday as an opportunity to give an Easter tract to all of his teammates. Hunter also has a reputation for being friendly and helpful to everyone at his swim school, regardless of age or level. We are praying Hunter’s joyful servant attitude will point his friends and their families to Christ.

Thank you again for your faithful partnership. We are honored and blessed to be able to work with you to fulfill the monumental task of spreading the Gospel around the world!


Your Missionaries to Japan,

Hiro, Eryn, Justin, Ax, Hunter, and Olivia Bamba

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