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Bamba Newsletter: September 2018

Greetings from Japan!

Though their summer break has gotten longer in recent years, Japanese children still only have about six weeks off and have homework to do during that time. The summertime in Japan is
also filled with many festivals, most of which center around Shinto celebrations. We are always excited for a chance to invite some of the kids’ friends over. During this summer, we had one of Olivia’s friends, Sayaka, over. She, her sister, and her mother enjoyed playing games and making ice-cream sundaes. Their mother was touched by the peace and calm that she felt in our house, and she was curious about all of the Bible verses we have displayed throughout our home. Eryn was able to explain some of the verses and tell her about God’s love that is for all people. Please pray with us that the verses Sayaka, her mother, and sister heard will grow in their hearts.

Sharing the love of Jesus with Olivia’s friends & mom!

In July, our church participated in a gospel concert orchestrated by a group from America. Olivia and three of the children that attend our Sunday school also performed. It was amazing to see all of the children singing praises to God. Even though several of the children’s parents from our Sunday school are not Christian, they let their children participate for the experience of singing in a gospel concert. Over 200 people attended, many of them hearing the gospel message for the first time. Please pray with us that the seeds of the gospel planted in the hearts of the people who attended the concert would take root.

During the summer, Hiro also had the opportunity to visit one of our churches on the small Japanese island of Kyushu. He spent time with the pastor and his wife, encouraging and praying for them. The Pastor, Hiroshi, has frequently been visiting a detention center, talking with people from all over the world who are being held at the center because they overstayed their Japanese VISA and are no longer allowed to remain in Japan. He has wanted to start a church there for several years, but the government has always refused. However, after seeing Hiroshi’s constant care for the people there, the government finally permitted him to hold monthly church services at the center! There are so many people interested in attending that he has had to hold three separate services. Please continue to pray for this pastor and his wife as they share God’s love with the people at both their church and the detention center.

Gospel Concert

Thank you so much for answering God’s call to share his light and love with people all around the world. Your partnership touches the lives of so many Japanese people. Your faithful prayers and support bring hope to the spiritually dry country of Japan. We pray God will continue to bless each of you as you have blessed so many!

Your Missionaries to Japan,

Hiro, Eryn, Justin, Ax, Hunter, and Olivia Bamba



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