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Crook Newsletter: August 2018

Bryan Nix with Nepali Children

New Opportunity

It is always an exciting day for People to People when God opens new doors. Nepal is a nation we have been involved with in various ways through the years. When they experienced a 7.8M earthquake in April 2015, which killed nearly 9,000 people, many of you assisted through disaster relief. I actually joined a TEAMS outreach in September of that year. While conducting medical outreaches, we saw the devastation and talked with people who had lost many family members.

A few months ago, I met Bryan Nix, director of People to People Ministries, in Kathmandu to lay the groundwork to launch the child sponsorship program. We also met with the great team of missionaries, Danny and Judith William, Chase, Kristina, and Mercy Granstaff, and Gopi, Marites, and Anya Kumar, who work with local churches throughout Nepal. Most churches are still struggling to support their pastors, so we look forward to the opportunity to assist the pastor’s children in their education and daily needs. There are many challenges in this nation which is only 1.5% Christian. We know child sponsorship goes beyond the monthly gift. Your prayers for each child and their family reminds them that a global family is standing with them in their ministry. It is such an encouragement to them.

MRLC Children Finale

Saying Yes with No Regrets

Many refugees find their way to Malaysia because, logistically, it is easy to reach over land and economic growth provides many opportunities for unskilled laborers. They face many difficulties because they have no working rights, no proper health care, and the children have no access to education. Recently, the United Nations Human Rights Commission reported 150,000 registered refugees, but that number does not reflect the total number living in Malaysia.

In Kuala Lumpur, one of our churches, Life Harvest Assembly, was asked by a pastor if they would allow some of their rooms to be used for a school for Myanmar refugees. The first year was rent-free, but the following year they felt they should ask for a small amount for rent. With this request, the individual decided to move outside the city, but suggested they consider taking over the school.

Pastor May Kow was approached to consider this endeavor, but she was so honest and said she was not ready to say yes. All this occurred days before they were to attend a pastor’s retreat. The retreat turned into an encounter with God; for three nights she was awakened with the challenge, “Will you take this responsibility?” For two nights she would not give in, but on the third night, she finally said yes; she said immediately she felt God’s peace and slept so soundly throughout the night.

On August 4, 2018, I, along with Regional Directors Tim and Beth Salley, had the privilege of attending the Myanmar Refugee Learning Centre’s 10th Anniversary and fundraising dinner. It was a wonderful program with several performances by all different ages of children. One highlight was video clips from students who have been resettled in the U.S. and Australia; attending universities and serving in local churches. Their testimonies attribute their success in their host countries to the preparation they received academically and spiritually at MRLC; especially for Pastor May’s part in their lives. A couple of days later over lunch, we laughed about the uncertainty of starting but, with a heart full of praise, Pastor May saying “Yes” proved to be the right answer.

Marlene Soriano, Pastor Raymond & Gloria Yap, Pastor May & Chris Kow, and Tim & Beth Salley

People to People continues to have the privilege of assisting MRLC through the sponsorship program. You may go to our webpage at, select Malaysia, Asia Pacific and choose a child to support. You may also call our office at 405.792.7129, and they will assist you. Be a part of their amazing journey from a refugee until they are resettled. They are not sure of their future host country, but they trust in the sovereign God they have come to know. Continue to pray for Life Harvest Assembly as they impact their future through MRLC.

MRLS Teachers

Testimony of God’s Provision for the Next Move

When I moved into my current house two years ago, knowing it was for a short-term lease, I commented to God, “It sure would be nice to move across the street.” It has been an amazing series of events to see God bring the owner of a neglected house to check on it after seven years. I am thankful to report it will be ready for me to move in at the end of the year.

Thank you for your support, thank you for your prayers, and thank you for always standing with me in the opportunities He presents as I travel in Asia for People to People. Generations are rising to impact nations.

Debra Crook

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