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Salley Newsletter: August 2018

38th School of Ministry Graduation

In June 2018, our 38th School of Ministry (SOM) graduation was held at our flagship SOM in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A total of 9 graduates received Associate Degrees in Practical Theology from Advantage University. This brings our total number of SOM graduates to 539 since 2010! The Lord of the Harvest continues to raise up men and women to be His witnesses inside the Asian Circle. Please pray for these new world harvesters who are now released into the harvest fields. Thank you!

The Gospel Advance in Pakistan

In June, a total of 15 new believers in Christ were baptized by our national leader in Pakistan, Asher Mansha. The Lord is mightily blessing this ministry. Many young people are making decisions to follow Jesus.

Pakistan is the world’s 2nd most populous Muslim country in the world. Conditions for followers of Christ in this land are considerably more difficult than conditions are in America and other western countries. Please continue to pray for Pastor Asher, his leaders, and these new disciples. Thank you!

Thank You!

We are very thankful for our dear friends, family, and supporters. Your faithful prayers and generous support are a great blessing and keep us moving forward in working for the Lord of the Harvest inside the Asian Circle. Thank you!


Tim & Beth Salley

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  1. Rev.Abraham Bawi Thang

    Dear Mission Director of IPHC
    I am from Pentecostal Churches of Myanmar.(Burma)
    My name is Rev.Abraham Bawi Thang ,Pastor of PCM.
    I have applied to be a member of I P HC in Myanmar.We have (1800)Church member,(25)Ministers,(1)Bible School and(1)Orphanage Center.
    We established these in 1989 by the revival of the Holy Spirit.We were supported by ourselves till today.But now we are very weak in Spiritual.It’s very difficult to run for future because needs of Spiritual,Education,Financial and fellowship with other believers .When we seek any denomination or Churches,We agreed to be IPHC.Because We like the Constitution,by law,Faith Statement and Witness of IPHC.So that we Faculty Members of Our Church decided to be a member of IPHC in Myanmar.If you do not accept us our Churches will be fail down.So You have to lift up Our Churches to witness to the darkness country of Myanmar.Here 6% only are Christian in Myanmar and the rest 94%are non Christian.We need to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to them stronglly.
    So May I invite you that you may accept us as a member of IPHC in Myanmar to extend God’s Kingdom in Our Country Myanmar together with us.And or what are the requirement to be a member of IPHC.I believe that you will accept us as a member of IPHC soon.We aspect your reply soon.
    Thank you.
    Rev.Abraham Bawi Thang
    Pastor,Pentcostal Christian Church of Myanmar

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