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Roy Newsletter: August 2018


Wow, what a trip. After leaving Mexico, we spent almost one month on the road returning to North Carolina. We had many meetings to attend before arriving, and yes, we are tired. However, after a few days of rest, we hit the ground running.



In the month of July, I put our trip to North Carolina on hold to attend the yearly conference meeting in Mexico. This year, the conference was held in the city of Aguascalientes. This city is considered the central part of Mexico. The IPHC Churches in Mexico are believing God to move and heal their land. I was one of the speakers, and I preached on our need for a “WORD EXPLOSION.” Regardless of opinions, Jesus said, with God all things are possible, and all things are possible to those that believe (Mark 9:23, 10:27). Where two or three are gathered together, believing, God can make anything happen. We had between 700-800 gathered at the conference. I believe!


Nearly a year or so before Bishop Leggett retired from Holmes, we met with him to discuss the possibility of Holmes going to Mexico. His insight and leadership were valuable assets in helping us achieve this. Along with Bishop Leggett, Bishop Talmadge Gardner and now presiding president, Chris Thompson, were instrumental with their advice. Their participation was crucial during the process as this goal was achieved.


Before returning for furlough, we traveled and spoke at five meetings in three days. The Lord’s presence was manifested in every service. The alters stayed full. Along with the meetings, we began the process of bringing the School of Ministry to that area. As soon as we come off of furlough, this will be one of our first goals. Our time in the States is appreciated but, to be effective, our presence is needed on the field.


Our tour lasted three years. Over this period of time, the following are a few highlights of what was accomplished.
1) We started, oversaw, and worked with five Schools of Ministry. Before the year’s end, if all goes as planned, we will have graduated close to 100 students.
2) We worked with two church plants. Both of these works outgrew their buildings: one started as a building program, and the other took a long-term lease with an option to buy. The church that those two works came out of, baptized about two-hundred new converts after the two works began. Sowing and reaping!

3) We held meetings in various locations over the last three years. We experienced many responding to the gospel message.
4) Papers were signed with Holmes Bible College for Mexico, with plans to expand once we get everything in order and running smoothly.

5) The hungry were fed and earthquake victims were helped through People to People.
6) We were involved in and helped fund three building programs. Your giving to the Global Outreach Offering made this possible.
7) Amber got married! Can you believe it?

8) We became grandparents for the third time. We now have three grandbabies: ALL GIRLS!

I could go on, but there is not enough room. It has been one of the most productive tours ever, and we look forward to a repeat of the same when we return, Lord willing.


Change can be good. World Missions Ministries made a change in April, which brought about a change for Phyllis and me. WMM did away with the continental director positions. We were asked, and accepted, to expand as regional director to Belize and Guatemala, while continuing as regional director of Mexico. This means we now oversee four conferences. The land mass and conferences we cover are huge. Doing this has brought about an increase in our field budget. Your faithfulness in praying and giving is needed and appreciated more now than ever.


When I was asked to take on more territory, I responded with, “We need more missionaries.” They agreed. If you are feeling a call to missions and that calling is to Mexico, Belize, or Guatemala, contact me. You are needed, you will be appreciated, and you will be put to work in the latter day harvest. Otherwise, please join us in prayer for God called fellow workers.


Furlough, for us, is a time to see old familiar faces and friends, but it is work as well. We need 50 or more new supporters to help us return to the field. Phyllis and I have never been in the red with our budget; we always believed that where He guides, He provides and does it by using common everyday believers like you and me. We also believe that we are to be responsible for our budget. He has been faithful through the years. You might not be able to go, but you can help send. We humbly ask, if you are not already a financial contributor, to prayerfully consider becoming one and, if you are, would you consider a slight increase? Example: 100-150 partners giving an increase of $5.00 to $10.00 a month will help tremendously. “YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE”!


Dear Friends and Partners,

Greetings in His lovely name! Our tour in Mexico seemed to go by so quickly. We are looking forward to seeing and spending a little time with each of you, if possible.

We had many doors open to us, and many new friends and church family whom the Lord blessed us with on this tour. These people are all special to us. We have been treated like family, which is a great gain on the mission field. All of our children are doing well. God has blessed and prospered them, which is a pleasure for Ron and me to see. “Jesus said, and this gospel shall be preached throughout the world, and then the end shall come” (Matthew 24:14). The end has not come yet, so we still need to continue the work in the harvest. Thank you for helping us bring the gospel to the lost, and thank you for your partnership and financial support. We love and appreciate each and every one of you.


In Closing

Jesus told us that it is more blessed to give than it is to receive. I can honestly say, I am blessed every time I give. Giving, for the Christian, should be a way of life. He gave, so we give, and we can give in many ways. Giving financially is one way and you can do so by the following:

1) Through your local church to:

Ron and Phyllis Roy

Support Account No. 55061S

Gift Account No. 55061G

Field Account No. 55507P

2) Directly to WMM P.O. Box 12609, Oklahoma City, OK 73157

3) Online, type in the link

Together we can help bring in the latter day harvest!

In His Service,

Ron & Phyllis Roy


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