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McClung Newsletter: August 2018

Thank you for your love, prayers, and generous missionary support!

Dear Family & Friends,

Our new assignment will take us to the German region of BELGIUM, where we will be involved in evangelism and church planting. Jeannie will also continue outreach to women in the red light district just over the border in Aachen, Germany.

Along with other Western countries, Belgium continues to change at a rapid pace. This little Catholic country has become a post-Christian society and home to many different cultures and religions. There is much insecurity
and many live in fear of continued terrorist attacks, the influx of refugees, job market instability, and the rising gap between the rich and poor.

Many young people have never heard the Gospel and many older people have no hope. We look forward to the future – sharing Christ’s love, peace, and the new life we have found in Him!


Population: 11,300,000

Belgium is being shaped by a liberal, secularist movement that for decades has systematically choked the life and heritage of the gospel out of much of European society. Spiritually, Belgium is one of the most needy countries in Europe.

Your Prayers & Support make a difference!

Your prayers are so appreciated! Please pray for us as we share the Father’s heart for missions during this furlough. Pray that we can raise our budget quickly. Before we can return to the field, we need to raise $900 in new monthly faith commitments. We also have a need of $5,000 for relocation costs and $15,000 for a new ministry vehicle. Support and special donations can be made via the following link: or send checks to: IPHC World Missions, P.O. Box 12609, Oklahoma City, OK 73157. Please earmark “34051S Support”, “McClung Vehicle” or “McClung Relocation”

Again, thank you for your partnership in ministry
Mark, Jeannie & Jack


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