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Global Participation in Global Outreach Offering

by Russell Board

The Global Outreach offering provides funding for a variety of essential mission activities, including Bible Schools, training programs for national leaders, local pastors’ conferences, support for national missionaries, and critical emergency needs. IPHC members in churches throughout the US have responded to the call to donate a day’s wage to Global Outreach, knowing that without these funds the ministry of missionaries and national ministers around the globe would be crippled.

But many in America might be surprised to learn that the Global Outreach offering is not just funded by US churches. Believers and churches in many other countries have realized that the GO offering presents an opportunity for them to join in the effort to make disciples of all nations, and thereby carry out the Great Commission of our Lord.

During General Conference in Orlando, the World Missions Ministries Asia/Pacific luncheon was held to honor the missionaries and national leaders of the region. At that event, national leaders from India and the Philippines took the opportunity to present Global Outreach offerings collected in their countries.

  • Bishop Pepito Gadallo presented an offering of $1000 from the Philippine PH Church.
  • Bishop B. S. Moses Kumar presented an offering of $500 from the Donald Church in Hyderadad, India.
  • Bishop A. Samuel Moses presented an offering of $700 from the South India Conference.
  • Bishop Michael John presented an offering of $2800 from the North India Conference. Bishop Michael testified that every single church in the conference participated in this offering!

The size of these offerings is extraordinary, especially considering that many of the Indian believers make only $2 per day! How is it that these believers are willing to give so much when they have so little? As the Apostle Paul put it, “their abundance of joy and their extreme poverty have overflowed in a wealth of generosity” (2 Corinthians 8:2). In other words, they count it a privilege to participate in the work of Global Outreach, and the joy of giving to missions far outweighs whatever sacrifice they make.

May the Lord help all of us to follow their example of joyful generosity!

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