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Gonzales Newsletter: June 2018

Dearly beloved partners and friends,

Time passes by so quickly. We are scheduled to go on furlough this coming November, after three years of laboring in the field, and are so excited to see you all again. We have so many wonderful things to share with you about what the Lord has been doing in this predominantly Buddhist nation. By His grace, we are blessed to see people getting saved, baptized, discipled, sent, and churches multiplying from Thailand to Myanmar, Vietnam, and Laos. One of our churches in Thailand, pastored by Anil Kumar, gave birth to a new church in Taunggy, Myanmar, which remarkably was able to build its own new church building. The concentrated effort of National Director Dr. Wallapa Wisawasukmongchol and Pastor Sunit Wuttipanya led the church in Hanoi, Vietnam to affiliate with our group. This church is registered with the Vietnamese government and is involved in helping children in rehabilitating drug addictions, and in training vocational skills for the poor. A Bible school and a church in Laos have been affiliated with us also. The pastor and chairman of this group was a former student of Dr. Wallapa at Payao Bible School in Thailand.

Receiving the Lord Jesus at our church in Don Muang

Albert is baptizing seven new believers from Don Muang Church

Discipleship Program Progressing

The Thailand Theological Seminary (TTS) has just opened a branch in Bangkok and also in Mae Sai (north). The main TTS is located in Petchabun. We have 42 candidates for graduation in our first group of students. This graduation will occur on October 24, 2018. Bishop Talmadge Gardner will be our commencement speaker. The Indo-China Mission Training Center (Mekong River Training Center) held its first graduation March 3, 2018, with nine people who successfully passed and completed the requirements in their three-year program of study. Pastor Chi Chang is the new director of this Center. Moreover, IPHC Thailand churches are continually conducting their own discipleship training program in obedience to the commandment of the Lord. We are encouraged and so touched to see more laborers being added to the harvest field.

Russell Board, Debra Crook, Dr. Wallapa and I with Pastor Anh Tun and his wife at his church in Hanoi, on March 29

The opening of Gorkha Christian Alliance Church in Taunggyi, Myanmar on May 27

People to People Ministries Expanding

People to People Ministries, through the Child Sponsorship Program, is impacting the lives of many children and some parents as well, leading them to grow into the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. This ministry, through our foundation, has expanded in reaching out to the communities, universities, and even government agencies for Jesus by teaching moral values, music, and the English language. Recently, the Department of Social Development and Welfare (DSDW), in partnership with IPHC Thailand (Alliance Church Association), has conducted basic English communication and a team building workshop for Thai volunteer workers from May 16-18 for the first group, and May 30-June 1 for the second at Phukhaongam Resort, Nakhon Nayok. There were 100 participants in each group, making for a total of 200 volunteers who came. The event was successful, and the director of the DSDW was pleased and highly appreciated our sacrifices to carry out their Volunteer Workers Exchange Program. The DSDW officials knew that we are a Christian Organization and, yet, welcomed us to work with them. God is good! Thank you for supporting People to People Ministries, and for your continued prayers and unwavering support.

Dr. Wallapa is welcomed by the Pastor and members of Hmong Christian Center, Laos on May 20

Albert with the team in reaching out to the kids in Ayuthaya province

God bless us all.

Your Co-laborers in Christ,

Brother Albert and Sister Jiep Gonzales

Albert with the team in conducting the Basic English Communication and Team Workshop in Nakhon Nayok

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