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Helland Newsletter: March 2018

Stories of New Life (Vida Nueva)

Every week we have been reaching out to Spanish speaking individuals in the downtown and northern parts of Amsterdam. Last Sunday, we had our first church meeting in our neighborhood (Amsterdam Nieuw-West). It was so encouraging to begin the meeting by hearing stories of people whose lives have been changed in the last year of knowing us and coming to our church.

“For over six years, my legs had open wounds on them that would not heal. Ever since I started getting to know God and coming to church, my wounds began healing up. They are fully healed now. I also used to struggle with a feeling of thinking I was going to die soon. That feeling has disappeared, and now I really enjoy prayer and worship, and love bringing people to our church.”

“Before Matt baptized me, I suffered from nightmares and terrible night terrors. Since my baptism, I have never experienced that again.”

“I have always believed in God, but had never gone to a church before. Since I started coming to Vida Nueva, I have encountered a peace and presence of God in my life which I really enjoy.”

We are thrilled to see a strong community continue to develop with individuals who love God, love each other, and are truly experiencing a new life (vida nueva) in Christ.

On the street with Judah doing Power Evangelism

First baby dedication of Spanish group

Training in Prophecy and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

“This week, I saw God use me to heal someone. I learned that I can speak in tongues and have grown in prophetic ministry. Before, I didn’t believe the Holy Spirit could do that in me.” -YWAM student

In the last few months, we have been able to train people in Power Evangelism and Prophetic ministry in Norway, Virginia, North Carolina, and Holland. A new generation of believers is being raised who find it normal to heal the sick and share the gospel using the power of the Holy Spirit.

At the end of March, Matt will be taking a ministry team to Budapest, Hungary where there are some amazing youth movements bringing people to Christ regularly through healings and prophetic ministry on the streets. In the next few months, Matt’s book will be launched in Hungarian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian. There is a hunger that people desire to know God, and not just know information about Him. Using prophecy, words of knowledge, healing, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit can be important keys to sharing the gospel effectively (1 Cor. 2:1-4). We are seeing amazing things accomplished by young people who believe the words Jesus said; “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father” (John 14:12). They believe these words and are living them out.

Hannah helping me out in Oslo

Femke Ministering

Family Corner

It is wonderful getting to do ministry together as a family. Going on the streets to do Power Evangelism with Judah (13), and traveling to Norway with Hannah (11), who helped Matt pray for students, is amazing. It is wonderful to see our children develop their own relationship with Jesus. Levi (8), who now does percussion for the school band, also loves Jesus and is quite the ice skater. His brother, Benjamin (5), will not be left behind. Femke and I are thrilled to be parents to such wonderful kids and to do ministry together in Amsterdam’s Red Light district and beyond. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. Your generosity allows us to keep doing what we are doing. THANK YOU!

First Spanish service in Amsterdam West

Group photo of YWAM Students I taught for a week

The Hellands in Holland

Matthew, Femke, Judah, Hannah, Levi, & Benjamin Helland

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