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Mrema Newsletter: June 2017

by Kundael & Yasinta Mrema

Drilling a Well:

We are so grateful to the Coward PH Church of the South Carolina Conference for contributing to drilling a well for the Kimamba Church. It is quite a joy to see the people enjoy plenty of clean water. This is something we take for granted in the States, but on the mission field, it is a treasure. If you would like to give the gift of life by drilling a well in Tanzania, please contact us.

Roofing Churches:

We are so glad to let you know that we have finished roofing the church in Singida Central Tanzania (see photo). We are so grateful to those who contributed to make it possible. We are currently working on roofing the church at Kilimanjaro, North Eastern Tanzania. We will be left with one more church of the four I shared with you last year; this is the one in Dodoma, Central Tanzania (account #12509P, needs $8,000).

We are also building a church in Mvumi, Morogoro (see photo). We want them to get out of the grass roof to a better building as you can see in the photo. If you would like to help roof this church ($5,000 needed), please send your contributions to the Tanzania church planting account #12006P.

IPHC-TZ Center:

We are still praying hard for the possibility of building a permanent church building at the IPHC-TZ Center where the Ebenezer church is temporarily. The temporary structure is worn out and it is time for a new structure. We have the drawings ready, and we are working on getting the legal government building permits to start construction. Our members are excited and everyone sees this as an opportune time. The process of getting legal building permits is very slow here, but we are persistent. Please assist us in praying and believing for things to work out for good.


It is just like a dream of the night when we look back and see how the Lord brought us through the past year. You stood with us in prayer and in financial support until you saw us come out strong. Thank you for your generosity and kindness. We sure could not make it without your support. May the good Lord bless you richly. We are encouraged to keep on serving the Lord because we know you are there with us.

Thank you for helping our faith to be steadfast in the Lord. We greatly appreciate your partnership with us in missions. We are here because of your support. Lest I forget, at the end of 2016, we got our work permit – praise the Lord! For those who would like to partner with us, please send your contribution to our support account #12041S.

Please remember: “A Missions Partner is a Miracle Candidate”.

Photo Credits: Kundael Mrema

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