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Roy Newsletter: December 2018


At the beginning of this update, I would like to take the opportunity to say, from our hearts to you, your home, and your family, may God’s blessings and peace transcend all that is happening with you and yours. Sometimes, we get too busy to appreciate what He has done for us, and we overlook the importance of how fragile life can be. He is sooo good and faithful.


As many know, Phyllis and I are visiting many of our churches. Fundraising is needful and time-consuming. Your faithful participation is needed and very much appreciated. God loves a cheerful giver. Personally, I always feel good inside when I give. His love is so compelling.

3 John 2 says, “Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.” Verses six, seven, and eight caught my attention the other day. Verse eight states, “we should receive such and be fellow-helpers to the truth.” Verse seven, speaks of taking nothing of the gentles’. Verse six, speaks of those who have gone forth, and us doing well when we help them in a godly way. Your prayerful and financial support helps us, help them. Rich or poor, old or young, you can make a difference.


Missions has been around for a long time. According to scripture, missions is God’s idea and design. When we take on the God commissioned life, missions will play a significant part. There is a soul winner’s crown in missions. All believers should pursue to obtain that one crown. I believe the soul winner’s crown to be the most valued crown there is. Win the lost, at any cost! PTL


In April of 2018, we had a restructuring in World Missions. We did away with the continental director role, expanding the role of the regional director. As many may know, we now oversee not only Mexico but also Belize and Guatemala. I believe good things are in store.


Linwood Berry, our missionary from Spain, did a great job ministering to our men in Mexicali. While there, Phyllis and I were able to speak in the Manhaniam church.

This work started about two years ago and outgrew its facilities. Then, it went into a building program. The giving and generosity of God’s people had a direct relationship to the success of the Manhaniam project. Thank you!


Missionaries, Gene and Liz Hancock, pastors, Al and Dee Marks, from Good News Ministries in the North Carolina Conference, and Phyllis and I made a trip. Overall, Belize is a beautiful country. Our people there are humble, and Gene and Liz are gracious. Because of this, Al and Dee were able to experience Belize from a missions point of view. It was a blessed time indeed.


Gene just informed us that a new church work was started in Maya Mopan by our indigenes leader. The First service had 75-80 people in attendance with another work starting in Guatemala.

Because of the needs that exist in Belize for 2019 and 2020, we are seeking groups who have an interest in missions and want to make a visible difference. Our churches are growing and we are in need of six church buildings as soon as possible.


The Churches in Guatemala are growing. In February we will be there for the conference meeting. Bishop Beacham will be our speaker.


The year 2019 looks promising. Our last tour, three years, was the most prosperous we have ever experienced. As much as we love visiting our churches, we really would rather be on the field. One can visit and reminisce after the day’s work is done. It is the day of harvest, and night will come some soon enough.


Church planting, Holmes Bible College, schools of ministry, pastoral training, evangelism, mentoring, and building programs are some of the things we do. Your prayers and financial support, along with God’s help, make all of these things and more become realities in the lives of everyday people. You count!


Our Dear Friends and Partners In Christ,

It has been such a blessing to see and spend time with many of you these last few days and months while on furlough. God has been moving in wonderful ways, and we see a time of harvest like we have never seen before. Ron and I want to thank you so very much for prayers, support, and the love you have shown toward us. May God richly bless each of you this holiday season and all through the year. I love and appreciate each of you and wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Love Always,

In Closing

Your faithful giving is essential at this time. The harvest we are seeing will not always be. Harvest, as with all seasons, is but for a time. Then another season of maturing the harvest, then a replanting and so on. Knowing the season helps one focus on what they should be doing. Right now, it is harvest season. The labors are few. We are needed, you are needed. Together, we can do our part to participate in the gathering of lost to the arms of a loving Savior.



Ron & Phyllis Roy

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