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Roy Newsletter: May 2017

by Ron & Phyllis Roy

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Someone asked the question recently: “What do you wish for?” Some answered “money”, others “relationships”, and others “good health”. The fact is- you can have it all, but if you lack good health, everything else can be difficult to enjoy. With that said, our health is good, we feel good, and Phyllis seems to look better as we grow older, at least to me. Praise the Lord.

Berea Project is moving along. They started hauling dirt to build up the foundation.
I had a conversation with the pastor, and he told his leadership team and me, “Our facilities are full and we cannot accommodate the people that are coming; we need to build now.” What a wonderful problem to have. The Antioch Grant is doing what it was designed to do. Thanks to the Antioch Grant, we are able to move this project along. Our goal is to have the building inhabitable by the end of the year.

The Berea Project was in need of a diesel generator. Using one will cut the cost of the electric bill considerably during the hot season. Because of the heat, air conditioning is a must. One unit came up for sale, and it was hardly used. It was valued between $30,000 and $40,000. Negotiations began. The owner said $20,000, then dropped it down to $15,000, then said he would take $10,000 (I thought, “JUMP ON IT”). However, the owner changed his mind and told us he wanted zero – nada, nothing, free – he donated it. I told the pastor that was a good price. Free is hard to beat. Praise the Lord!

We saw the need a while ago to help educate our ministers. Many will tell you that a great awakening is taking place in Mexico and to some degree that is correct. That awakening produces a special need. Inspiration can take a person just so far, after that one needs a foundation to build upon. A faulty foundation, if not corrected, will be repeated over and over again. The Bible tells us to build upon a solid foundation. This is why we focus on Schools of Ministry. We are working on three levels. One of those levels, as many already know, is Holmes Bible College.

In our last newsletter, we mentioned the work in San Felipe. We have a School of Ministry in that city and a growing church that has doubled over the last few months. They recently moved into a new, larger building to accommodate the growth. “Planting a seed or reaping a harvest”. Great when both happen at the same time.

In January, Eliezer IPHC baptized 99 new believers. We have an ongoing School of Ministry there. This church also started two new works this year. One of the works is a facing problem… THEY NEED A BIGGER BUILDING! If you would like to help, read a little further.

All the areas that we travel with groups are safe. We have a group coming in September to help with the Berea Project (#55503P). We could use some help with this project and two others we have going on. One is the Manhaniam Project (#55014P). We could use funds and groups to help! This work is on the outskirts of Mexicali. We have $5,000 raised for the roof. We need another $3,000 to cover the total cost. Please note that no funds are used for labor; all funds are for building materials only.
The third project is located in San Quintin. The area is mostly agriculture. The average wage is about $8.00 a day. We have a building that needs a new roof because the current one is sagging and needs replacement. The building is used for a feeding program and children’s church.
If a church or group would like to help, please contact me and we will provide more information. We invite you to come see the Mexico you don’t know about but would enjoy!

Dear Friends and Partners,
Greetings in the lovely name of Jesus.
I just returned from a Women’s Conference in the mountains. It was a blessing to see how God blessed those who attended. It was a fruitful time and the fellowship was great. New converts were won for Christ.
In the month of March, Ron and I celebrated our 44th anniversary. I thank God for putting this wonderful man in my life. I am also thankful for everyone who partners with us.
We love and appreciate each of you, and we are thankful for your prayers and support.


Photo Credits: Ron Roy

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