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Roy Newsletter: September 2017

by Ron & Phyllis Roy

With the end of every day, there is a new one arriving. Life is a continuum and so goes a ministry calling. Phyllis and I are blessed, and our desire for you is to be the same- BLESSED!!! Praise the Lord!


The conference in San Luis Potosí was held June 19-20. There were somewhere in the neighborhood of 750 in attendance, with a variety of speakers. A new generation of leadership is coming into view.

Along with holding meetings, building programs, and teaching, we oversee and work with several Schools of Ministry. This year alone we will graduate three third-trimester classes. One we graduated in June, another in July, and one more in August.

From the time the School of Ministry started, they have since doubled and had to move to a larger building. They have already mentioned wanting to begin to reach out to other areas.

At the beginning of the year, this church baptized a little over 100 converts. On July 16th, the church baptized another 119. Also they have started two new churches and are running cell groups as well.

This is one of the two churches that were started, and we are getting to help them. They have outgrown their building and are in need of a bigger one. Some problems they are facing not really all that bad, but a larger building is definitely needed. Land has already been acquired and some funds have come in, but a little more help is needed. If a group would like to help, we are open to helping them get plugged in.

We graduated 58 students on August 18th.
Back on June 7th, we had a meeting with Chris Thompson, the new director of Holmes Bible College. The Lord willing, this will be a new door with a new opportunity. Bishop Thompson will be one of the speakers for the IPHC Conference next year in February if there is no change with schedules.

The heat has slowed the building project down a little. Temperatures are running into the 100’s. After 104°F, I have to retire from the heat, as most everyone else. However after September, the cool air returns. If you have a group who would like to partner with us for next year, please contact us! We have the work if you have the desire to help.

The Kingdom of God was designed to expand. The School of Ministry that we help provide gives the momentum to expand. This year we are graduating a total of 94 students. Some of those graduating will move to a higher level while new students begin. To this day, I cannot understand, nor can I accept, that somehow we should retreat from planting new churches as we reach out to win new people. I’m not for, nor against, the mega church model some have focused on. I am for growth, whether it be through a mega outreach or a group of people reaching out to their friends, relatives, neighbors and schools. Whichever process or approach taken, we desire to win people over to the Lord. True and successful ministry will always be making an eternal impact on mankind. The head of the Church said, “GO YE INTO ALL THE WORLD AND PREACH THIS GOSPEL TO EVERY CREATURE AND THEN THE END SHALL COME.” When that is accomplished, then we can say our work is done. Until then, as a former comrade who has gone on said often, “FORWARD WITH THE GOSPEL.”

Dear Friends and Partners,
We attended General Conference and, as of this writing, we are in route to Mexico. As many know by now, as we were heading to General Conference, we received news that my oldest brother passed away. After receiving the call, I felt a peace about his passing. God is so mindful of His children. He attended a church that Ron and I helped to start over 30 years ago. Ron was asked to speak for his memorial. We were blessed to see old friends and relatives who attended the service, and we were pleasantly surprised to learn how many attend that church (between 400-500, not bad for a town which a population of 15,000). To top it off, our pastor, who helped mentor Ron in ministry, attended to honor my brother and to hear one his disciples minister (Ron or The Ma’Ron, French for “my Ron”, as some affectionately call him). It was a good meeting despite the reason for the gathering.

He has engraved us in the palm of His hands and has a plan for all of us. Ron and I thank you kindly for all your love, prayers, support and we are very appreciative that you have chosen to join us in fulfilling the Great Commission.


Photo Credits: Ron Roy

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