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Williams Newsletter: January 2018

To our dear friends, prayer warriors & financial supporter team,

We trust this newsletter finds everyone wrapped in the Loving Arms of Jesus.

As we begin a new year, we have so much to be thankful for. Even in distress, we can see the hand of God comforting, working, and blessing beyond the problematic circumstance. The Good Lord loves us without conditions, watches out for us, and helps us even when it is our fault; all because He loves us so much. He does not overlook sin or keep us from sometimes being chastened, but He is ever merciful daily, forgiving anytime we ask, and has so much patience with all of us!

We are humbled to announce that WMM and Asian Continental Director Russell Board have appointed Danny to the position of National Director IPHC Nepal. I want to thank them for their confidence. God is working some important things out in Nepal, and we are moving forward. We have gone from about 18 churches to 59 churches in three months. Only God could have worked this out and put this together in such a short period. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!

We have been meeting with pastors, traveling to different areas, (traveling here is difficult because the roads are in very bad shape), seeing the work, and getting to know the pastors. God is bringing together quality leaders. It is amazing to see men and women who have totally given their lives, talent, abilities, money, and time to the work of the Kingdom of God and now with the IPHC.

Judith and I hosted several people both here in Kathmandu, Nepal and Pune, India over the past month: Mandy Lester, Asia Teams Coordinator; Brian Sawyer and Conley Davis, both from Hans Hess’ church in Elizabeth City; Abner Suarez, Prophet from NC, (a powerful man of God) for Pune Conference; and Dr. Jon Peterson and wife Megan from Virginia (great friends of ours).

We had the first IPHC women’s conference in Nepal, for our leaders’ wives. It was a beautiful time of worship, the Word, and individual ministry to each lady. We appreciate Mandy Lester and Marites Kumar for their help with this special day. God fulfilled a desire in Judith’s heart as this day unfolded.

Brian Sawyer (Redemption Ministries’ Conference Missions Director) and Conley Davis ministered to our churches, as well as the youth, in both Nepal and India. We are grateful for these two men and their ministry. God really moved in each service.

Our Pastor’s conference in Pune, India was well attended by leaders from various areas. There was a shift in the atmosphere as Prophet Abner Suarez brought the Word that empowered these men and women of God to a new level.

The Petersons’ ministry was a blessing in both Nepal and India. They are powerful prayer warriors and moved in healing, prophetic worship, and in prophecy.

What a month filled with blessings for our leaders in both India and Nepal. All team members departed by December 12 as Christmas approached.

There is very little in Nepal that would remind you of Christmas, so creativity is necessary. We had a special Christmas Celebration for our pastors and their families. We also helped supply Bibles to many village churches. We are so grateful for the opportunity to share the Gospel in a land that needs His Word so desperately. Times of refreshing are much needed for our pastors and their families as they face difficult situations daily.

During the Christmas season, we were able to bless multiple families that needed food, heaters, and rice cookers. We also provided clothes and dolls for several children. What a joy it was to see their precious faces. After giving the dolls to two little girls, their father told us that they had been praying for a doll for two years! Their faces tell of the joy and excitement!

Thank you for your continued prayers, concern for our wellbeing, and financial support. Without the Lord first, without you, and without each other, this would be an impossible task. Your faithfulness has been inspiring and uplifting to us. The Apostle Paul was financially supported in his mission by many churches and supporters, so like him, we pray for you and thank you from our hearts!

Danny & Judith Williams

Photo Credits: Danny and Judith Williams

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  1. Its personally pleasant for me to see IPHC rising again, and doing so many great things!
    After years after years of broken trust, and unforeseen setbacks, now me and my family is confident your investment in terms of prayers, teaching and talents will bear much fruit for the glory of God.

    I miss so many great leaders/expositors from IPHC. But am greatly comforted to know the families once left in the lurch have been taken care of by the new leadership, and things have settled. Thanks to Danny and Judith and the entire team.

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