IPHC Leadership Cast

Leadership Cast #38: Dr. Rhonda Pruitt

Feeling exhausted? Overwhelmed? Stressed? In this episode of the Leadership Cast, we talk with missionary psychologist and missionary, Dr. Rhonda Pruitt. She shares with us steps those in ministry can take to prevent burnout, practice self-care, and produce longevity in the ministry.

Leadership Cast #36: Dr. Doug Beacham

In this very special Christmas 2016 edition of the Leadership Cast IPHC General Superintendent Doug Beacham reads the story titled The Night the Animals Talk from his book The Christmas Spirit. Entertaining, heartfelt, and inspiring, this story gives an imaginative take on Christmas and what it's really about.  This is a fun and wonderful way to tell the nativity story to the whole family.

Leadership Cast #35: Joey Leggett

In this episode of the IPHC Leadership Cast, we talk with the CEO of Falcon Children's Home and Family Services, Joey Leggett. He shares about the wonderful history and ministry of Falcon Children's Home, which provides care for infants, children, and teens in need. In addition, Joey provides important information about the upcoming Harvest Train event in Falcon, North Carolina.

Leadership Cast #34: Scott Williams

The CEO and Chief Solutions Officer of NxtLevel Solutions, Scott Williams, talks with IPHC General Superintendent Doug Beacham about his background, family, his journey into ministry, and the work and mission of NxtLevel Solutions. During this interview, Scott covers different aspects of leadership development in the local and international church as well as the importance of faith in every area of life.

Leadership Cast #31: Michael John

Planting house churches is one of the most effective ways to establish a community of believers especially in difficult or persecuted areas around the world. In this episode of the Leadership Cast, Rev. Michael John, general superintendent of the North India Pentecostal Holiness Church, discusses the importance of house churches, their effectiveness, and methods used to plant successful churches.

Leadership Cast #30: Josh Lafferty

Josh Lafferty, the SMAT (Student Ministries Advisory Team) member in charge of bi-vocational and volunteer work, discusses his involvement in different ministries, his job as a teacher, Holiness in our life as believers, and the work of the Holy Spirit as revival takes place in peoples lives.

Leadership Cast #29: Steve Ely

This month we talk with Pastor Steve Ely of Passion Church in Bethany, Oklahoma. Pastor Ely discusses The Blessed Life video series by Robert Morris of Gateway Church and how this series has greatly impacted his church. We talk about giving, God's promises to the faithful, and the importance of tithing in each believer’s life.