IPHC Leadership Cast

Leadership Cast #31: Michael John

Planting house churches is one of the most effective ways to establish a community of believers especially in difficult or persecuted areas around the world. In this episode of the Leadership Cast, Rev. Michael John, general superintendent of the North India Pentecostal Holiness Church, discusses the importance of house churches, their effectiveness, and methods used to plant successful churches.

Leadership Cast #30: Josh Lafferty

Josh Lafferty, the SMAT (Student Ministries Advisory Team) member in charge of bi-vocational and volunteer work, discusses his involvement in different ministries, his job as a teacher, Holiness in our life as believers, and the work of the Holy Spirit as revival takes place in peoples lives.

Leadership Cast #29: Steve Ely

This month we talk with Pastor Steve Ely of Passion Church in Bethany, Oklahoma. Pastor Ely discusses The Blessed Life video series by Robert Morris of Gateway Church and how this series has greatly impacted his church. We talk about giving, God's promises to the faithful, and the importance of tithing in each believer’s life. 

Leadership Cast #28: Brad Davis

In this episode of the Leadership Cast Brad Davis from Southwestern Christian University talks with us about holiness from his perspective as well as from the perspective of a Christian University. Brad is the Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students at Southwestern. For more information about Southwestern Christian University visit www.swcu.edu.

Leadership Cast #27: Dr. Ellen Moore

In this episode of the Leadership Cast we talk with Kid Min consultant Dr. Ellen Moore. From her passion in life to the goals of the children's ministry of the IPHC, Dr. Moore shares the importance of recognizing the plan God has for children right now in their life. She discusses the crucial time of world view development in a child's life and why ministering and training children is such an important responsibility for our churches, kids ministry leaders, and most importantly, their parents.

Leadership Cast #26: Mauricio Salazar

IPHC Missionary Mauricio Salazar shares his experiences from the mission field where he works with coffeehouse ministry, personal evangelism and church planting among various cultures. Join us as Mauricio gives practical advice for anyone beginning an outreach ministry to their communities.

Leadership Cast #25: Stephen Jones

Returning guest Stephen Jones from Lenoir, North Carolina, discusses his new role as the Discipleship Ministries Team Leader of the Student Ministries Advisory Team (S.M.A.T.). In addition to introducing S.M.A.T. Stephen also discusses the upcoming Accelerant Fire youth conference.

Leadership Cast #23: Dr. Adrian Hinkle

For this episode of the IPHC Leadership Cast, we have the privilege of talking with Dr. Adrian Hinkle from Southwestern Christian University (SCU). Dr. Hinkle is the dean of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies in addition to her heavy teaching schedule. In this episode of the Leadership Cast, Dr. Hinkle shares an overview of hermeneutics--why it's important, and it's application in studying scripture. As a continuation of our emphasis on the Gifts of the Spirit, Dr. Hinkle uses hermeneutics to take a closer look at Paul's writings in Romans 12:3-8.