IPHC Leadership Cast

Leadership Cast #21: David Moore

In this edition of the IPHC Leadership Cast  National Royal Rangers Director David Moore discusses Camporama, Royal Rangers and the challenges of ministering to today’s young men. In addition, Director Moore shares the successes of the Royal Ranger program and provides creative ideas for reaching out to young men in your community.

Leadership Cast #20: Hans Hess

This month we talk with Pastor Hans Hess from Elizabeth City, NC as he shares his experiences as a church planter and pastor. Join us as Pastor Hess discusses the ups and downs of church planting but also shares his experience in church revitalization and growing a strong church around a God centered focus.

Leadership Cast #19: Samantha Snipes

The July episode of the IPHC Leadership Cast is a special interview with the new IPHC Women's Ministries Director, Samantha Snipes. She shares with us about her family, the call to be the WMsamantha-snipes-150x150 Director, her heart vision for Women's Ministries, and the focus on helping equip people to discover their heart vision through connecting with God and seeking His will in their lives. Meet Samantha, learn more about Women's Ministries, and hear about Heart Vision in this great episode of the IPHC Leadership Cast.

Leadership Cast #18: Dr. Ryan Jackson

This month on the Leadership Cast we have the privilege of talking with the senior pastor of The Capital Church in Garner, North Carolina, Dr. Ryan Jackson. Ryan met with us during the 5th Global Assembly in Hong Kong to share his thoughts on leadership from the perspective of a senior pastor. We also discuss the true heart of a leader in pursuing God's will above all else. Please enjoy this edition of the IPHC Leadership Cast.

Leadership Cast #17: Matt Helland

This month, on the Leadership Cast, we talk with missionary Matt Helland who ministers in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He shares his calling into ministry, how he ended up in Amsterdam, God's work in his life, and effective forms of ministry that reach the lost from many different walks of life. In addition, Matt shares the vision for missions and evangelism God has placed on his heart.

Leadership Cast #16: Dr. Garnet E. Pike

In this episode of the Leadership Cast, we talk with Dr. Garnet E. Pike, who founded the School of Christian Ministries at Emmanuel College, served as the first dean of the Graduate School at Southwestern Christian University, and pastored for over 10 years. Dr. Pike has authored the book, Receiving the Promise of the Father: How to be Baptized in the Holy Spirit, which identifies several key biblical understandings that enable individuals to easily receive and live in the power of the Holy Spirit. Join us as Dr. Pike shares his personal experiences and challenges us to live a life full of the Spirit.

Leadership Cast #15: Jonathan Burgess

This month we talk with Jonathan Burgess from Transform DJs and his wife Angie about their ministry in their local church, in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene, and in the defense of pre-born people. Transform DJs minister to a wide range of people through their music and concerts. To find out more about Transform DJs visit www.transformdjs.com and listen to this great podcast with Jonathan and Angie.

Leadership Cast #14: Woody Burpo

This episode of the IPHC Leadership Cast features an interview on the Holy Spirit and youth ministry with Woody Burpo, youth pastor at Passion Church. Continuing the discussion from last month with Presiding Bishop Doug Beacham, Woody explains growing up in a spirit filled church, speaking in tongues for the first time, and moving and operating in the Holy Spirit. He also discusses aspects of the Holy Spirit in conjunction with students and their growing needs in today's modern society.

Leadership Cast #13: Dr. Doug Beacham

In this episode of Leadership Cast we talk with the Presiding Bishop of the IPHC, Dr. Doug Beacham. Join us as he shares hisBlack Suit Red Tie Holding Open Bible 1 heart regarding the IPHC focus for 2015, We Prayerfully Value Pentecost. This year we will focus on three areas pertaining to the Holy Spirit -- "Who is the Holy Spirit?", "What is the Purpose of the Holy Spirit?", and "The Gifts of the Spirit". We hope you enjoy this first podcast of 2015 and prepare yourself for all that we have coming up this year.

Leadership Cast #12: Dr. Terry Tramel

This December we have a special Leadership Cast interview with Dr. Terry Tramel. Dr. Tramel began his ministry at the young age of 16 years old. In 1979 he became officially licensed as a minister with the IPHC and has been preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world. One of his hearts true passions, and part of his calling, has been as a teacher in higher education. Currently, Dr. Tramel is the Bible and Theology professor at Southwestern Christian University.

In this episode of the Leadership Cast Dr. Tramel discusses Christmas, the season, and what should be remembered as we enter this time of the year. In addition, he discusses the importance of talking about the birth of Jesus, not only during the Christmas season but, year round as a regular topic among believers.