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The Awakening: Traditional Internship to Begin at Emmanuel College

The Awakening will officially launch a full-time, traditional internship on Emmanuel College’s campus in Franklin Springs, GA, in August 2018.

As the global youth and young adult department of World Missions Ministries, The Awakening’s heartbeat is to serve and help equip this generation to change the world.

Primarily based out of the IPHC Global Ministry Center in Oklahoma, The Awakening has accomplished this mission in part by offering a traditional internship to students from Southwestern Christian University and the surrounding community, but in the fall, this ministry opportunity will also be offered to Emmanuel students and college-aged students within its reach.

“From our perspective, man, this is an awesome day for missions, this is an awesome day for The Awakening, this is an awesome day for Emmanuel, and this is an awesome day for the IPHC,” Director of the Awakening Max Barroso said. “And, this is something that is also very very exciting to me because this is not something that has their (Emmanuel College) leaderships’ permission, it’s not just something that has their leaderships’ blessing; this is something that has the leaderships’ hearts.”

The internship will be under the leadership of Emmanuel alumni Josh and Ashlee Hafner and Jon and Erica Campbell, all of whom Barroso says understand The Awakening’s mission of loving, serving, and giving the best of themselves to a generation that will change the world.

The internship will focus on one-on-one discipleship, practical ministry training, and cultivating healthy relationships, all while offering various ministry opportunities including two ministry training days per semester, monthly family nights for interns and leaders to grow in communion with one-another, and drop-in sessions aimed to provide learning opportunities from various ministry leaders.

“The traditional internship is for students who are in love with Jesus and want to see His desires come to pass for their life and see full-time ministry in their future,” Josh Hafner said. “Ashlee and I are not only excited to see this generation find His purpose for their life, but to see young adults find their identity in Christ. God is up to something bigger and better than we can even begin to imagine; we are ready for the ride.”

Students interested in applying for the traditional internship at Emmanuel can contact Ashlee Hafner at to request an application.

“We could not be more thankful of Dr. Ron White (president of Emmanuel College) and Dr. Tracy Reynolds (vice president for student development) and how absolutely incredible and accommodating they have been throughout the entire process,” Barroso said.

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By Whitney Browning

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