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All Generations: Beulah Sturkie

An Interview on the Value of All Generations

Who are you?

Beulah Sturkie.

How old are you?


What do you do on the mission field?

The states have been my mission field and, for years, my calling has been to pray for people. After my husband passed, I felt God calling me to Emmanuel College to pray for our campus and students. I walked the campus for years, and then after my knee surgery, I drove around the campus each day praying. I also traveled for LifePoint Ministries, praying with pastors and congregations all over the state of Georgia. God told me that I needed pictures of people that I prayed for. He said when I touched that picture it was like I was touching that person. I have multiple prayer books that I pray over daily. Every year, Emmanuel College and Falcon Children’s Home sends me pictures of all the students who attend, and I place them in my book to pray. I also have people give me pictures to pray for them or family members. It makes my heart happy that people would give me pictures to pray over.

Have there been challenges that you have faced on the mission field primarily because of your age?

Although I’ve had health issues, I just want to finish what God has called me to do!

What benefits has your age played in your ministry?

Age is just a number! The heart is still screaming to do God’s will. We do not ever retire from doing God’s work. He has called us all to follow him for our entire lives.

What have you learned from the generations that preceded you in missions?

Never give up! You do not give up on anything until God releases you. You continue praying; you continue walking out your calling! Near the end of his life, Paul said, I am finished. I have finished the race.

How have you laid a foundation for the generations following after you?

I tried. It has been very important to me to follow God’s plan and finish God’s plan. I hope that I have inspired generations behind me to follow after God.

How can the church reach your generation and inspire them to serve?

I have had so many young people love me and want to hear my story. This has been so precious to me that people want to know about me and my ministry.

Do you have any examples of yourself working along the side of people from your generation?

In Women’s’ Ministry and Girls’ Ministry, I have had the opportunity to work with people from many generations, including mine.

What is the importance of generations working together?

Many generations working together allow us to pour into each other, despite our age. It is not just the older generations pouring into the younger, but the young have also poured into the old.

 How have people of other generations affected your ministry?

There have been many times when younger generations have poured into me and my ministry and encouraged me. Working as the first Girls’ Ministry Director of the IPHC allowed me to constantly be around young girls for 16 years. This time, serving young girls, helped shape my ministry. While I served as the Director, we had a Girls’ Ministries in Nova Scotia. The girls raised money for me to come and be with them for their conference. It touched my heart so much that those girls cared so much about me.

 My Testimony:

But God! When I was eight years old, a Christian couple took me into their lives and home, and I began to learn about my wonderful God who had a plan for my life. I heard about someone called Jesus. He took me into his loving family and began the work on my life. When I heard about Jesus, I began to love Him and wanted to obey His Word. From that point on, I was so wrapped up in God’s love and plan for my life. I was totally sold out to Him and His purpose. From the day Jesus came into my life until now, at almost 86 years old, I have been totally committed to do, go, and say what My Lord wanted.

As a young woman, I was asked to be the first Girls’ Ministry Director of the IPHC. I did this for 16 years. I also spent 36 years on the General W.M. Board. What a blessing. During this time, I got married, attended Emmanuel Junior College, and graduated from Columbia College in Columbia, S.C. I received my Masters in Guidance and Counseling from the University of S.C. I taught public school and church school for 45 years.

The greatest thing, other than my salvation, has been the ongoing desire to live for Jesus Christ. Whenever, wherever, and the length of duty was left up to my LORD. The bottom line for my service for the Lord has been a desire to spend time in prayer. When my foster mother died, I asked that her mantle of prayer be placed on me. It seemed to me that she lived to pray. What a blessing! The young and elderly women of the IPHC have poured into my life and I am so thankful!

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  1. You certainly have been a blessing and inspiration to me. I remember the lessons, songs, etc., you taught us in Sunday School, Vacation Bible School. You have always walked out your talk. Your life has been an example for others.

  2. Michael Nicholson

    You and Albert we’re a blessing to me and my family. Please know that you are loved by us and speak of you often.

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