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Gonzales Newsletter: November 2017

Dear Partners and Friends,

Albert with Jiep, preaching at Lighthouse Church Mae Sai

We are grateful to God and to our partners and friends for the incessant growth of the ministry here in Thailand. One of the urgent tasks that we are undertaking to fulfill the vision of 100 churches in three years, from 56 to date, is discipleship. The Bible classes at Thailand Theological Seminary in Petchabun province is ongoing since September 2016. Praise the Lord! He has provided the seminary with a newly constructed dormitory for men and women that can accommodate 20 people. We are still using the church building as a temporary learning center until help becomes available. In other development, the discipleship program at Indo-China Missions Training Center in Mae Sai, Chiang Rai province is also progressing. Our team of four, including our National Director, Dr. Wallapa Wisawasukmongchol, on October 14th, conducted a one-day teaching session on leadership and mentoring at the center. There were 42 pastors and leaders who participated. The building project at the center is around 70% completed. The team from the USA will come in January 2018 to help keep the construction going. Please join us in prayers for the provisions for Thailand Theological Seminary Learning Center (Project #74520) and Indo-China Missions Training Center (Project # 74015) projects. Any help that you can contribute to these projects is highly appreciated.

Encourage One Another

The Romyen church in Korat (Northeast) was in the midst of a crisis, and our team from Don Muang church, Bangkok came to help on September 9th as requested. It was two days of teaching Bible, preaching, and fellowshipping. By the grace of God, He moved and brought joy and peace upon them. During this Saturday seminar, everybody was revived and committed themselves to serve the Lord. Hallelujah! Most of them were young people. On the following day, I preached at their Sunday Worship Service, where two people got saved, the worshippers were uplifted and refreshed, and the Lord was glorified. Presently, the church is doing well. Then also, on October 15th, I preached at Lighthouse Church in Mae Sai (farthest North part of Thailand). Thank God the church was reignited to enlarge their vision.

Don Muang Church Update

Receiving Jesus as Lord at Don Muang Church

We are rejoicing and thanking God for the continuous growth both in quality and quantity at Don Muang Church. People are getting saved, baptized, discipled, and used for His glory. It is so precious to see even one person get saved or be transformed to a new life in Christ. We have Sunday morning service for Thai congregation and a Filipino service in the afternoon. We are having a regular prayer meeting every Friday night and an overnight prayer meeting on the last Friday of the month. Aside from these, we are also having prayer gatherings on Sunday mornings before Sunday school and before the worship service. God is good! Presently, we have over 120 members and are still increasing. Four of our members are studying in the Bible school. In October, Montri Ponchana (head of our Christian Education Department) graduated from Bangkok School Seminary, acquiring a Bachelor degree in Ministry. We held a Mother’s day (Thai tradition) celebration on August 13th. It was an emotional and joyful celebration. The relationship between mothers and their children was strengthened with the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord!

May we greet every one of you an advance Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Brother Albert and Sister Jiep Gonzales

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