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Janssen Newsletter: June 2018

Be strong

No wonder I cannot feel at ease in a country like this, where temple after temple displays the hideous “gods” of this people. I see them picking the beautiful yellow flowers that are growing profusely on the bushes along the country roads. They carefully put them in baskets and place them before their preferred idols. When I see this, I feel a sadness creeping into my heart, and I ask myself, “what if I was born in this country and taught to worship these grotesque idols? Would I have ever heard the truth about God’s love for fallen humanity?”

I go back to my youth and ponder the wisdom of our Lord to let me be born in a Roman Catholic family. Years ago, I thought, “why was I not born in a family of born-again believers?” It would have been a much easier road to salvation.

I never think like this anymore. First of all, I learned the truth about the sovereignty of God. He does whatever He wants, not what we prefer. Secondly, after ministering in Asia and Africa, I thank the Lord daily that I grew up in a family that at least acknowledged the one and only God. The Bible was never opened, but we learned some truth out of the catechism.

The very first question I ever had for God, which has stuck in my mind throughout my whole life was, “why are we on the earth?” The answer that I discovered was, “to glorify God and worship Him forever.” Thank you, Lord: this was a great start in looking for more answers to life’s questions.

After salvation, the Bible became my most prized possession, and this precious Word from God is the reason that I continue to serve in these dark countries. The people in these places need to hear the truth! Now, I am seventy years old, with some dull aches and pains, but my God has given me this verse to depend on, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed. The Lord, your God, will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

Again, we have made another long flight to some of the countries where our Lord Jesus is not known, where stark darkness prevails, and in untold misery, life is lived under the bondage of the evil one. We pray for wisdom and strength and the evidence of the power of the Holy Spirit to set the sinner free.

In His service,

Ben and Marianne Janssen

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  1. Shirley Hinton

    -Mr & Mrs Janssen, this is Shirley Hinton from the New Holland Pentecostal Holiness Church, Wagener, SC. Wanted you to know that you are in all our prayers for your good works for God.

    My sister, Mary Carver is Missions Director for church and would like to speak with you when at all possible concerning church there. please call her at 803-564-5299 or cell # 803-646-1026 or my email address is :, she does do internet

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