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Meyer Newsletter: November 2017

First Diploma Class August 2017


Greetings Faithful Supporters, I am excited to share with you some history-making news for Malawi! In the midst of great challenges, we prayed and planned to present a Diploma in Biblical Studies & Theology. God has made this possible! The Case missionary family stepped in with a subsidy fund (financial support for the kick-off). This made registration and enrolment possible. Thank you for the subsidy!


On the 21st of August, Rev. Kevin Sneed arrived in the Capital City, Lilongwe. On arrival, there was time to minister at a local church (Mphatso PHC) just outside Lilongwe. The congregation learned about true humility as Kevin taught about the ministry work of Jesus on earth. Our journey North to Mzuzu, began the next day. We drove along the Lake and arrived in darkness at the Mzuzu PHC, where we were welcomed by the National leader, Rev. Tony and Charity Mkamanga.


Classes began the following morning. Eleven students completed two subjects: IPHC Doctrines and New Testament Survey. Sessions will continue in January, and again in August. More students will join and more sessions will be planned so that 90 credit hours will be gained for the Diploma Program. Pray for a strong commitment from the students as they learn and complete the course requirements, as well as for resources that make the program successful. What a breakthrough as GBTC and EABC collaborate, making the program possible alongside your support in both schools and for the missionaries facilitating them. Our partnership brings great HOPE to nations!

Women Empowerment

As a missionary to Malawi, I want to thank you for your faithful support, and for sending me to serve the nations as a child evangelist and Assistant Director of Guthrie Bible Training Centre. I arrived in Malawi as a missionary in 1999, and continue to pray for a victorious church that is functional in building God’s people to arise and impact the world. However, in order to accomplish this, we must empower girls and women to become an equipped task force in church ministry work so that they may make a radical difference. If we focus together, we can “Impact her heart, her world, for His Purpose” (National Girls Ministries). Through the Education Program presented at Guthrie Bible Training Centre, we can partner and help girls and women in Malawi learn how to consecrate their hearts to God, and let Him change their world.

Girls and women need the knowledge of God’s word in order to be empowered. They have less opportunity for education in Malawi than men, but we can open the door and change their world so that they can change their church and the status of their nation. Help us in educating more of these ladies as Christian leaders, parents, ministry workers, and developers of Girls and Women’s Ministries in their local churches. Currently, we are developing a Sunday school curriculum. The greatest challenge we face in this development is the lack of teachers to implement the Church Christian Education Program in Malawi.

Once high school is completed, women are able to enroll as students at Guthrie Bible Training Centre (GBTC) to take a Certificate Course in Biblical Studies. They may then enroll in the Diploma Program. The cost is $300 to complete the one year Certificate Course, this is equal to $25 per month. The Diploma Course is a two-year program that also costs $25 per month. There are other programs that girls can be a part of starting at age 14. These include: being children and youth ministry workers, leadership training, youth camp, sewing classes, and financial assistance in completing their high school education ($25 per month for 10 years).

Ungodly parenting, human trafficking, child marriages, and pregnancy are particular problems for young girls and women in Malawi today. Nearly two-thirds of women in Malawi have given birth by their 20th birthday. Let’s reach them with the gospel of Jesus Christ at a young age, disciple them and educate them for His purposes, and break these ungodly patterns.


To support a student, send funds to IPHCWMM: GBTC #11641P. Stay connected on Facebook as I post pictures of potential students who are lined up and need support for 2018. Should you want to befriend me, send me a message stating: “potential student supporter” I will then befriend you.

When sending funds, you may email me at You may then state the amount and purpose of the funding. After the funds are received, the student will be informed and begin to prepare for their education. Each student is responsible for making their own transportation arrangements, as well as arrangements for their family to be cared for while they are away from home.

Currently, we have 5 female students who need to complete two more terms to graduate. Each of them need $200. 5 more students, who are enrolled in their first term, each need $300.


Outreaches to women are active in cities among Abused Women, Women’s Managers, Divorced Women, Single Parents, New Parents, Single Women, and Women at University. In August, an opportunity opened for me to minister, encourage, and empower women to reach other women with the gospel of Jesus Christ. They received Tracks from Chick Publishers so that they could leave them in areas for pick-up. I want to thank director, Ron Woolhiser for providing these tracks to Malawi PHC as an evangelism tool.

God wants to bless the nation of Malawi. It is among the poorest and the least. The church can be an instrument that God uses to change the status of this nation. Girls and Women’s Ministries in Malawi is my strategy in making a difference. I would like to challenge Women’s Ministries, Groups, and Bible Studies to take on this challenge with me. I am looking forward to hearing from you as a potential supporter, and to seeing you stateside in 2018.

God directs and releases the resources. Open your heart for direction and obedience to the Great Commission. The unreached need to be taught! When an investment is made into the education of a woman, she is empowered to educate the whole family and to impact the community and a nation. She will become the evangelist and teacher who will reach the unreached women in Malawi.


As the final day of the year approaches so does the conclusion of my three-year term on the field in Malawi. I will be on furlough, arriving in North Carolina by February 14, 2018. I have sent out emails to pastors and missions directors with a calendar to make appointments. See open dates online at, or email me. I am also available on Skype (username: altheawmm) and Facebook Chat. I am eager to receive invitations to share with congregations and groups about “How we can change the status of the church and nation in Malawi.”


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