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Meyer Newsletter: November 2018

Greetings Faithful Supporters,

This is a THANKSGIVING and MERRY DAY! I am so grateful for BREAKTHROUGH in Malawi. Celebrate and be in great joy with us as God works the resources for the development of places
for HIS PEOPLE in Malawi to assemble and hear God’s Word, worship, and give thanksgiving and praise. May God forever be exalted in this nation. Pray that the people will hear and understand God’s word. Pray for leaders to clearly explain God’s Word and bring people into unity and freedom to serve, love, and live (Nehemiah 8:1-12).


After 63 years, the Pentecostal Holiness Church in Chiradzulu, Sharon PHC, is being re-built. The second ring beam is up to hold the steel roof. Thank you to two givers from North Carolina who helped achieve this through their giving. Now, it is time for the steel roof to be ordered, paid for, and erected. Will you be part of helping us roof this Memorial Church? The FIRST church opened after Rev. John Guthrie, the missionary, arrived in Malawi in 1955. He worked with the same mine workers who heard the gospel in South Africa, responded to the good news message, and are now the ministers placed to continue sharing the gospel in Malawi. The generation of previous leaders is strong and leading a large youth group in this area. This project is in place for these young people to see God’s hand at work. I need urgent FAITH COMMITMENTS, on-line, to accomplish this task. Send me an email if God is working in your heart to give to this project. We are standing in faith to pay the roof cost of $7,800. Will you help? Confirm giving:

Sharon Beam

Sharon Beam


Since arriving in Malawi 20 years ago, it has been our goal to build a boundary wall around the property where the Guthrie Bible Training Centre is. This property will eventually have other buildings built within it to serve the PHC members, gather in unity, worship, learn God’s word, and have great fellowship. 13 panels are rising up as we speak. A total span of 143mx4m will be completed by mid-January 2019. Thank God with us for these resources. I am grateful for Rev. Turner and WMM for the grant and all who gave towards the wall. I am also grateful for Rev. Delport
directing the building process.


It has been my privilege to serve in Malawi for 20 years. A transition is now taking place. I have been appointed to coordinate the children’s ministry for Southern Africa under the regional director for Southern Africa, Rev. Joe Delport. With an intense strategy, Southern Africa will be targeted by approaching churches with a challenge, to effectively “feed the lambs” in their congregation and community. The mission will be to reach all kids in the 4/14 window and to mobilize them to reach the 10/40 window. This group can arise and be the mighty prayer warriors for world evangelization.

I am looking forward to being on furlough during 2019. I just completed a four-year term on the field, and have been preparing for this transition. I am now ready to share this with you as pastors, mission directors, and congregations through a mission service or meeting. Let’s plan a date and time!

Look at open dates on WEBPAGE: www. to book me for a visit to your church, group, or home to share and present an opportunity to partner in this great work of God, and to be vessels in partnership to feed the lambs. I am excited to take on this new assignment on the field, being sent by you and supported in prayer. Send your confirmation of continued support for my return to Africa for a new three-year term to Doug Bartlett at, mission director of the North Carolina conference, and CC me at

Based on your faith commitment to continue your support, I hope to return to Malawi in mid-September. This is where I will operate from and travel to various countries, per invitation, to help churches reach and teach children.

The primary reason for coming to Malawi was to re-open the Bible school, Guthrie Bible Training Centre. It was re-opened after being closed for seven years. Arriving in Malawi in 1999 with Rev. Elizabeth Rogers, it was our task to renovate the Bible school and open the terms to begin teaching the certificate course in biblical knowledge. Thank God with us; the classes have been presented since 2000 and leaders have been trained to serve in the local churches. Pray as the National GBTC board continues to run the school, serve the leaders, grow spiritually, and be equipped in their calling. Pray in this transition that programs and projects can effectively be handed over to the national leaders to take responsibilities and reflect maturity to build God’s Kingdom in Malawi.

We are so grateful for the help of the Mills family from Fayetteville, NC at Guthrie Bible Training Centre during the October term. This family came to teach and serve at the school. They arrived with precious gifts for the school and were such an amazing blessing to us all.

The Mills

We also had the task to renovate the mission house and move-in. This assignment took us 3 years. In Malawi, these tasks are not as simple as in the USA or even S.A. Many challenges are faced with unskilled workers and thieves appearing to be tradesmen. Now, we have a functional home named Bethany.

On February 25, 2019, God willing, I will arrive in Falcon and be at home in the Mollie Evans Home for my furlough period. Should you have an extra vehicle for me to use or purchase during this time, please let me know.

On arrival, I will be in touch. Please update my contact number to (910)980-1419. You may also call the North Carolina Conference office to plan visits.

I am so grateful for your prayers and support! May you have a THANKFUL, MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Looking forward to visiting and sharing with you,

Althea Meyer

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