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Mrema Newsletter: September 2018

Dear Mission Partners,

I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Thank you for all your
prayers for my family and I during our time of home going for Dr. Mrema. Your
prayers have given me strength from day to day and have allowed me to transition
smoothly. In addition, your support for the work of God in Central Africa and
Tanzania is appreciated. I am so grateful for His grace.

I began working on my papers for my residence and work permit in Tanzania in
February, and received approval in June. This was one of the many challenges I have
faced. Going forward, I will continue as a missionary in Tanzania. This work will
include preaching, teaching, building churches, drilling wells, and People to People
child support and feeding the hungry, as the Lord provides. Missions has been my
heart and will continue to be – “Forward with the Gospel, Lifting up Jesus.” (Injili
Mbele, Yesu Juu).

I was in the States for part of July and August for Mrema’s memorial service (see top
photo). September 1st was my son Shama’s Wedding, which took place in Greenville,
South Carolina. I thank the Lord I was able to attend their ceremony. Please pray
for Shama and Grace as they begin their newfound journey as a married couple (See
bottom photo).

Dr. Mrema’s memorial service

Newly married, Shama & Grace

Lydia is doing well. She is continuing her studies in psychology at North Greenville
University. Elifadhili and his wife, LaShawn, are also doing very well. Thank you for
your continual prayers, for my family.

The top priorities on my list right now are to finish the two churches that Dr. Mrema
left behind and to drill a well on one of the IPHC properties, which is 300 miles away
from Dar-es-Salaam where I live. Please pray that the Lord provides the necessary
funds to finish these projects.

Before I put my pen down, I would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry
Christmas, and a Happy New Year, 2019!

Till next time, please remember “A Mission’s Partner is a Miracle Candidate.”

Yasinta Mrema

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