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Roy Newsletter: December 2017


I am always amazed at how some things work out. I won’t go into great detail, except to say, WOW! My car broke down, died in a mountain desert, just before sundown. Long story short, I made it to a hotel, safe and sound, and home by the next day. The car is beyond repair, with 229,400 miles. The engine is gone, so it is time for another. It served three missionaries well. The situation could have been worse, but church family jumped in to help with the rescue. God’s people are the best. PTL!!!


The building project is moving forward. In September, we had a group from the Cornerstone Conference, South Henderson PHC in Henderson, NC come. I called them the Dream Team.

It was reported to me after the group left that they had knocked out about three to four weeks work in four days. Another WOW moment. This is the third time through the years that this group has been in Mexico with us. We could use a few more good groups who would like to sow some time and talent into the future of someone who is less fortunate. Let us know if you are interested. We have the avenue for you.


I was informed today, that if all goes well this week, the frame goes up next week and then the roof. PTL!

Because of the earthquake activity in the area (San Andres Fault-line), an extra good foundation is needed. Without this, there will be problems in the future. We can testify to this because the home we live in was built many years ago with a not so good foundation. Last year, due to tremors and I’m sure other reasons, we had not only cracks in the wall but plumbing failure, four underground leaks, and gushers. What a mess that was.


This year we graduated 96 students. This class graduated on November 17. Depending on the dedication of the students, the schooling can go on for 1.5-3 years. What many do not know is that we have worked to offer a system that will cover the needs of those who lack a formal education, as well as those who have obtained college degrees. In this graduating class, some are in college and some already hold secular degrees, such as engineers, lawyers, dentist, etc. An opportunity to educate oneself in the Word of the Living God is too great of an opportunity to waste. A good foundation has such value, and we dare not miss the importance of its need.


The year of 2017 was a busy one. Overseeing Schools of Ministry, the building program, along with holding meetings (a highlight for us), attending Conference functions, and yes, when not ministering, we do attend a local church and bi-monthly conference ministerial meetings. This year we ministered to two church plants that are growing and facing a need.


These churches are in need of buildings. They have land and we have some funds to help, but not enough. If anyone would like to give a one-time offering, it would be greatly appreciated. These congregations are stretching themselves. They are not asking for a handout, but rather a helping hand. All funds, large and small, using this project’s number, will be sent to the church plants. This is World Missions Ministries’ policy, as well as mine.





It is such a blessing to know we have people like you praying and supporting us. God has been opening doors for us. As we live life, it is good to be faithful and thankful in all things. As mentioned by Ron, the situation with the car could have been worse. The vehicle may have failed us, but He did not and never does. I felt and experienced His peace through it all. In addition to the Lord and His goodness, we have three beautiful granddaughters and great kids, who are all serving The Lord. We are truly blessed.

I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and many blessing for the New Year.


Phyllis and I are very much aware of those who pray and support us. The fact is, we believe in the ultimate vision of the Church, missions. We support several missionaries from around the world, we believe and practice what we preach. You are appreciated, prayed for, and valued. Together, we can, and we are making a difference for the better. From our hearts, and God’s blessings always be upon you and your home.

Ron & Phyllis Roy

Photo Credits: Ron and Phyllis Roy

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