All Generations

We Prayerfully Value All Generations: We celebrate all generations and acknowledge that each is essential in the Body of Christ. We honor those who have gone before us and empower those who are following.  The contribution of each generation is welcomed and encouraged as we pursue our God given destiny.


Thinking Of The Next Generation

I grew up on a farm a few miles south of Lake City, South Carolina, and have only faint memories of my grandparents. Dad and Mom took us to church from my earliest childhood. We were poor but didn’t know it, and if anyone had told us we were poor, we would have been offended....
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All Generations: Brian Sawyer

Who can carry the torch? I am thankful for the fifth Core Value of the IPHC, “We Prayerfully Value All Generations.” It is because the IPHC values ALL Generations that believers like myself can work hand in hand with those who have gone before us, at the same time with those coming behind us. I...
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Investing In the Next Generation. Can a 120 year old care for a toddler? Does a 120 year old have the energy to impact and influence its community and its movement? Should we trust a 120 year old to foster and care for the next generation of leaders? These are some of the questions we...
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Introducing.. Singles' Ministry!

Discipleship Ministries is pleased to announce Rodney Anderson as the IPHC Singles' Ministry Consultant! Rodney Anderson is the Director of Singles Ministry for North Point Ministries at Buckhead Church in Atlanta, GA. He leads the Singles Ministry staff at all NPM churches and oversees all aspects of their operations. Rodney was born and raised in...
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Introducing.. Senior Adult Ministries!

Discipleship Ministries is pleased to announce Dr. Amy Hanson as the IPHC Senior Adult Ministries Consultant! Dr. Amy Hanson leads a speaking, writing, and consulting ministry that equips the church for ministry with the new old. She is the author of the book, Baby Boomers and Beyond: Tapping the Ministry Talents and Passions of Adults...
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For this Child She Prayed

There was a story once told about a family who owned a vase.  The vase was a family heirloom, passed from generation to generation for hundreds of years.  To the parents who now owned this vase, it was priceless.  One weekend, the parents were going to go out for the evening and the vase, which sat on a...
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One Generation Must Tell the Next Generation

One Generation Must Tell the Next Generation By Bishop Scott Hampton It is with great excitement and expectation that we enter 2018 focusing on the fifth Core Value of the IPHC which is, “We Prayerfully Value All Generations.” We define this Core Value of our movement by stating that, “We celebrate all generations and acknowledge that...
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Church Team Leadership: An All Generations Family

Written By: Bishop Randell O. Drake, New Horizons Ministries Conference Superintendent ALL GENERATIONS. Mothers. Fathers. Sisters. Brothers. Daughters. Sons. Women. Men. Girls. Boys. Children. Youth. Young Adults. Middle Aged. Senior Adults.      Family. It is so important throughout the Bible, in our lives and in our churches. So, why do many of our churches ignore...
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All Generations: Ben and Marianne Janssen

By. Ben and Marianne Janssen So Even to Old Age and Grey Hairs So even to old age and grey hairs, O God, do not forsake me, until I proclaim your might to another generation, your power to all those to come. Psalm 71:18 As the Lord called us to missions more than twenty years...
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Generational Stewardship For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations. Psalms 100:5 I am grateful for the invitation to provide an article highlighting our 2018 Theme “We Value All Generations”. I’m thrilled that IPHC is placing such great emphasis on Generations. As I pondered, prayed, and prepared for this...
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His Plans and Purposes

For five generations, my family has been a part of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church. My dad is a fourth-generation minister in the denomination, and the IPHC is all I have known my entire life. I am thankful for the heritage and legacy that I have as being a part of the IPHC family. I...
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We Need Each Other

"We Need Each Other: We Prayerfully Value All Generations" By Richard Goad- Pastor of River of Life Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma John was pleasantly surprised. His wife had just handed him the phone. Their daughter’s call wasn’t unusual. She called once a week. Her conversations were almost always with her mom, and they usually ended...
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All Generations: Ben & Ariel West

Missions Through the Eyes of Ben The Monday following Thanksgiving, I found myself cruising around in a rented minivan along the Chinese side of the North Korean border. The riverside highway was smooth (no potholes) and slick (snowpacked). The sky was clear, cold, and bright. As I discreetly tossed bundles of Chinese tracts to the...
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Earlier this month, EVUSA hosted what was dubbed the "EVUSA Leadership Gathering," in Oklahoma City. Conference Bishops, Evangelism Directors and other IPHC leaders from all over the nation were invited to participate. It was the first major opportunity of the year to let the American church hear from EVUSA and for vision for the next...
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Valuing the Unborn Generation

By Janese Bennett   As the IPHC highlights our fifth core value, “We Prayerfully Value All Generations,” there is no better way to begin the year than to focus on the youngest of all generations—the unborn. For the last several years various churches and ministries including Falcon Children’s Home, Royal Home Ministries, Mission M:25, and...
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Pass the Salt

“Please Pass the Salt” By Rachel King, Discipleship Director for the Sonshine Network Ministries This familiar phrase is heard at tables everywhere. As families gather at the dinner table, in the kitchen of an avid cook, or even at a fast food restaurant, salt is the staple for adding flavor to every type of food....
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All Generations: Janene Wooten

By Janene Wooten Hello, my name is Janene Wooten. I am an IPHC missionary stationed in Hungary and working on staff for The Awakening’s International Base. I am 24 years old. That may seem young to some of you, and I suppose it is, but being a missionary on the field is a dream and...
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