Holiness is beautiful. God chose us and set us apart for His glory. Our lifestyles reflect the character of the God who called us to Himself. We believe that He calls us to be holy in order to reveal His grace, mercy and love to a broken world.



A description of the IPHC year-long sermon emphasis can be found here.

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August Holiness Emphasis


Holiness Video Week 1

Week 1

Holiness Video Week 2

Week 2

Holiness Video Week 3

Week 3

Holiness Video Week 4

Week 4


Week 1: The Source: A Reconciled Difference by Rev. Jonathan Altman

Week 2: Illuminate: Illumination of God’s Holiness by Rev. Stacy Hilliard

Week 3: Radiate: Living a Holy Life in an Unholy World by Rev. Erica Campbell

Week 4: Radiate: A Holy Church by Kevin Sneed

Kid’s Curriculum:

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More Like Jesus - Web Banner


Beacham, Jr., A.D.; Rediscovering the Role of Apostles and Prophets (LifeSprings Resources)

Bevere, John; Good or God? Why Good Without God Isn’t Enough (Messenger International)

Brooks, Noel; Scriptural Holiness (LifeSprings Resources)
Also available as an ebook at AmazonAppleBarnes & NobleKobo

Coleson, Joseph; Be Holy (Wesleyan Publishing House)

DeNeff, Steve; More than Forgiveness  (Wesleyan Publishing House)

DeNeff, Steve; The Way of Holiness  (Wesleyan Publishing House)

DeYoung, Kevin; The Hole in our Holiness  (Crossway)

Drury, Keith; Holiness for Ordinary People (Wesleyan Publishing House)

Duewel, Wesley L.; Heroes of the Holy Life (Zondervan)

Evans, Paul F.; Help for Holiness (Westbow Press)

Evans, Paul F.; Holiness Reconsidered (Xulon Press)
Also available as an ebook on Kindle

Gouse, Hollis; Living in the Spirit: The Way of Salvation (CPT Press)

Holmes, N.J.; God’s Provision for Holiness (Pentecostal Mission Publishing Company)
Digitized as a pdf with permission.

Land, Steven Jack; Pentecostal Spirituality (CPT Press)

LeRoy, Matt and Summers, Jeremy; The Way Forward (Wesleyan Publishing House)

Mannoia, Kevin; The Holiness Manifesto (Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.)

Murray, Andrew; Holy in Christ (Merchant Books)

Olson, Roger; Arminian Theology: Myths and Realities (IVP Academic)

Reardon, Amy; Holiness Revealed  (Wesleyan Publishing House)

Turner, W.H.; The Sanctified Way of Life (Rev. W.H. Turner)
Digitized as a pdf with permission.

Wesley, John; A Plain Account of Christian Perfection (Beacon Hill Press)
Also available as a free public domain PDF download.

Wood, J.A.; Purity and Maturity (Forgotten Books)

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