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Life – What’s it worth?

March For Life

January 27, 2017


Mission:M25 riders began to load their bikes as the sun came up on this January 26 morning in Falcon, NC. Riders from Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia gathered,  sharing stories since our last gathering. The skies were overcast and there was a cool drizzle falling but the excitement, enthusiasm for the “Mission” ahead was not dampened. Twenty-One bikes fired up heading to the Royal Home Ministries (RHM) where we joined young ladies who were either with child or a newborn, plus an encouraging staff awaited our arrival with hot coffee and pastries.


IPHC Participants Photo Credit: Wesley Russ

RHM Director, Marysol Martinez, greeted us and introduced a young lady who had recently been accepted into three universities set the tone of the mission. She gave an inspiring story of the value of a home where girls without hope, support and direction can find a way to fulfillment. Where they are given the opportunity (not pressured) to accept the Lord as their Saviour. She spoke of the joy and direction due to the Holy Spirit and the support of our home.


Riders mounted their bikes and rode across the street where the children, some 90 plus from grades K-12 were standing with banners and yelling as we drove thru the covered awning. Joey Leggett, Falcon Children’s Home director greeted us and introduced us to the principle, Bro. Strickland who prayed over us with tears running down his cheeks for the lives we were standing for. It was a short and inspiring event.


Our bikes then traveled to Redemption Ministries were Bishop Dayton Birt and wife, Lynn were waiting with hot, homemade vegetable beef soup and sandwiches. Our annual stop is a great half-way place to refresh and warm up before we finish the journey to Washington DC. We rejoiced for the dry and safe trip the rest of the way.

M25 Team Photo Credit: Wesley Russ





Upon arrival, Bishop Abel Palomo was waiting with a great meal and open arms from the Mid-Atlantic Conference and the church in College Park, MD. After filling up with a great meal, a super charged service was waiting us upstairs in the sanctuary. Then off for a few hours of sleep.


The next morning we rallied early for a IPHC March for Life Rally where we were led by our Presiding Bishop, Dr. Doug Beacham. It was such an honor to have Bishop Danny Nelson from the North Carolina Conference join us, several pastors, approximately forty M25 folks in cars and on bikes with the total we estimated of over 200 people head to the March For Life Rally on the mall in our nations capitol. You could identify us by the matching gold colored sock caps with the RHM logo embrodried on them that was provided by Bishop Palomo. We were so blessed and inspired as we witnessed and participated in the largest rally for life in recent years. To have Vice-President of the USA, Mike Pence take the stage set a completely different tone for our rally. At the same time, it made you aware of just how fragile life can be as we stood on the hill looking at the TSA Security booths and the snipers on the top of the buildings around us.


We are in a time of true moral war in our country where we must stand for truth, righteousness and life every opportunity give to us. Let us hear the voice of a martyr for principles we hold dear, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, ‘Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.’ We may have yet a small window of time to stand up for that which we hold dear. My prayer is that the history books will be kind to this generation when our actions are written.


By: Gary Burd

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