“We couldn’t defend this nation without our chaplains. The compassionate care you provide for our fighting men and women – and their families – remains vital to our combat readiness.”
-Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

The mission and purpose of International Pentecostal Church Chaplains Ministries are to validate those men and women where there is a requirement of the Department of Defense or a civilian institution for endorsement by the official endorsing office of the IPHC.  Through the application process and approval of the IPHC Chaplains Ministries Board, an endorsement can be granted, provided the individual meets the requirements of the application and the requirements of the military or civilian institution.  This office also answers questions concerning the chaplaincy and gives guidance to those who may be interested in this distinctive ministry.

For both military and institutional chaplaincies, we have established educational, denominational, and other requirements so those who feel called to this ministry may qualify for serving in a branch of the armed forces – active duty or reserves – or in hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, emergency services, hospice, industries, and other civilian institutions.

For inquires please contact:

Chaplain (COL) Jerry L. Jones, U.S. Army Retired Director/Endorser for Chaplains Ministries
JJones@iphc.org or (580) 695-6945

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