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Diaper Run 50CC 2018

Diaper Run 2018 will be September 5-17 2018 will be M25’s fourth time to make this ride. *First year we rode to save baby’s lives and the evil of ‘harvesting’ human baby parts for experimentation. To raise awareness of our support, not condemnation for young ladies in a desperate place. Second year, we rode to...
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War Horse 2018

We were blessed to partner with Montana Indian Ministries from Hays, MT for our 2018 effort. We are very blessed by this partnership due to the similarities in our convictions and passions. The Assiniboine Tribe received us almost immediately. Pastor Cory Jones, Emmanuel Missions, Lake City, SC, has taken the responsibility of oversight of this...
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Expansion Expanded Us

Expansion, the National Hispanic Conference of the IPHC, is held every two years in different areas of the United States. This meeting brings leaders, pastors, churches, ministries, and workers together to strengthen the vision of the IPHC and equip leaders with strategies and tools to effectively reach the world with the gospel. EXPANSION–it was our...
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Bishop Doug Beacham Encourage Columna para el mes de Agosto 2018

A principios de este año, “Pew Research” publicó sus fechas definitivas relacionadas con las cuatro generaciones principales que viven en los Estados Unidos ( Generación silenciosa: nacidos entre 1928-1945 (edades 73-90) Boomers: nacidos entre 1946-1964 (edades 54-72) Generación X: nacidos entre 1965-1980 (edades 38-53) Millennials: nacidos entre 1981-1996 (edades 22-37) Aunque no se menciona en...
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RFTW 2018 – Recap

Supernatural determination! God has given grace and provision to accomplish fifteen years of Mission M25 having presence in Washington DC on Memorial Day for the Rolling Thunder. This event promotes healing for the veterans, primarily for the Vietnam Veteran by giving them a welcome home they never received, and to call our nation into accountability...
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Bishop Doug Beacham Encourage Columna para el mes de Junio/Julio 2018

En agosto de 1996, el difunto Superintendente General B.E. Underwood convocó una asamblea solemne con el fin de confesarle al Señor siete pecados sistemáticos que formaban parte de nuestro pasado y presente: orgullo espiritual, prejuicio, espíritu controlador, racismo, dominación masculina, síndrome del hermano mayor, y avaricia. Cientos de líderes de la IPHC se reunieron en...
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The Rock. The Grit. The Glue.

On May 24, 2018, approximately 400 motorcycles and five trucks with trailers, rolled into the welcoming parking lot of Falcon’s Children Home! It was an amazing sight to behold, young people and adults manned USA flags and banners as the worn and weary riders pulled in (they had been on the road for eight days,...
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Introducing: The Across Conference!

April 13-14, 2018 was an important weekend in which a group of Latino and African churches gathered together to celebrate the official launching of the ACROSS Conference, the newest IPHC conference. This remarkable accomplishment is the result of 18 years of pioneer missionary work that initially started with the planting of a Latino church in...
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“I Was In Austin”

Hispanic Ministries of the IPHC (local churches and pastors) have never been exposed to a training or resources on the subject of revitalization. There have been small trainings taking place here and there at a local level, but not for the entire body of ministers! Beyond that, using one model/plan that can be beneficial to...
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