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Diaper Run 50CC 2018

Diaper Run 2018 will be September 5-17 2018 will be M25’s fourth time to make this ride. *First year we rode to save baby’s lives and the evil of ‘harvesting’ human baby parts for experimentation. To raise awareness of our support, not condemnation for young ladies in a desperate place. Second year, we rode to...
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War Horse 2018

We were blessed to partner with Montana Indian Ministries from Hays, MT for our 2018 effort. We are very blessed by this partnership due to the similarities in our convictions and passions. The Assiniboine Tribe received us almost immediately. Pastor Cory Jones, Emmanuel Missions, Lake City, SC, has taken the responsibility of oversight of this...
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Expansion Expanded Us

Expansion, the National Hispanic Conference of the IPHC, is held every two years in different areas of the United States. This meeting brings leaders, pastors, churches, ministries, and workers together to strengthen the vision of the IPHC and equip leaders with strategies and tools to effectively reach the world with the gospel. EXPANSION–it was our...
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Bishop Doug Beacham Encourage Columna para el mes de Agosto 2018

A principios de este año, “Pew Research” publicó sus fechas definitivas relacionadas con las cuatro generaciones principales que viven en los Estados Unidos (http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2018/03/01/defining-generations-where-millennials-end-and-post-millennials-begin/): Generación silenciosa: nacidos entre 1928-1945 (edades 73-90) Boomers: nacidos entre 1946-1964 (edades 54-72) Generación X: nacidos entre 1965-1980 (edades 38-53) Millennials: nacidos entre 1981-1996 (edades 22-37) Aunque no se menciona en...
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