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M25 Celebrates 70th Celebration of Israel

May 14, 1948, Israel was founded, just a few hours before the British Mandate was to expire. Eleven minutes later, the United States became the first country to recognize the Jewish state. On May 15, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Syria invaded Israel, the War of Independence lasted 13 months. The Israeli flag became the state’s...
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50CC Diaper Run 2018 Report

Hurricane AGAIN! In 2017, the 50CC Diaper Run was re-routed to Myrtle Beach, SC due to the hurricane hitting Florida.  This year, it was re-routed to Florida because the hurricane hitting the Carolinas!   M25 has a team that lives by the protocol of ‘adapt and overcome.’  Quitting is not in our vocabulary!  This is...
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I remember hearing this phrase in my childhood all too often. I was told how things were done different back in the days – mostly trying to relate to my situation at the moment. Sometimes it was reminiscing, sometimes it was educational and informative, but for some odd reason I felt this phrase always had...
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Diaper Run 50CC 2018

Diaper Run 2018 will be September 5-17 2018 will be M25’s fourth time to make this ride. *First year we rode to save baby’s lives and the evil of ‘harvesting’ human baby parts for experimentation. To raise awareness of our support, not condemnation for young ladies in a desperate place. Second year, we rode to...
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